Five Star Juice Miso Juicy
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A nice blend of citrus fruits, to go along with a tangy splash of sour. Sweet and tart citrus blend

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I really liked this! Strong citrus, lemon, lime and a hint of orange! Almost like citrus zest. Exhale was great, decent clouds and left a n almost limeade aftertaste that lasted forever. Inhale was a tad harsh, but not bad.

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This is kind of a weird one but I still enjoyed it. At first I noticed that the taste reminded me of the way lemon floor cleaner smells, but after a while it grew on me. Overall I'd say this one is pretty good, not amazing, but still pretty good. You have to really like citrus to enjoy this one though.


all around was pretty good. Sometimes tasted more like cleaning supplies rather than the actual juice but usually was pretty good


YAY SOUR! Thanks guys, you heard my cries! This juice is almost an ADV for me. It's a nice lemon, very light orange and a little sweeter fruit (can't name it) on the inhale, with sour and a very very light lime on the exhale. Huge cloud production, really liked that. I vaped this when I was outside a lot during the 4th weekend and it felt like I was cooler for it. Very nice juice!


Tastes like a sour ball, but a little less sour


I absolutely love this juice, it was, hands down, my favorite in the box. It's very crisp, and cool...the flavor is spectacular, not too strong and not too mild. The citrus/tart flavor is on point for sure. I like this one better than other citrus flavors because of the unique taste of both the inhale and exhale, both a bit different but wonderful all the same. I would definitely recommend this juice to anyone and everyone. ❤️