WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Rehydrate On Ice by FLO

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Rehydrate On Ice FLO

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Rehydrate On Ice has fruit
Rehydrate On Ice has menthol
Rehydrate On Ice has cherry
Rehydrate On Ice has cranberry
Rehydrate On Ice has honey

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Refreshingly smooth blend of cranberry and cherry with a hint of honey and lemon lime. This invigorating combination effortlessly makes for the perfect all day vape. With Menthol.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Photo of Rehydrate On Ice by Delgado
Delgado avatar



I don't exactly know what flavor profiles I'm supposed to be identifying in in "Rehydrate on Ice", but whatever it is IT IS @#&(%)G GOOD! I'm at a loss as to how to describe the flavor, and to say that it is a perfumy flavor is a bit misleading; however, I swear that I pick up hints of cedar wood and/or incense... yet it is a delicate tasting sweet vape with a subtle "spicy", yet cooling, kind of throat hit (at 3mg). There is a menthol in this juice as well, but it is a subtle and refreshing amount... enough to feel it mostly in the mouth. On the exhale the flavor profile seems sweeter and reminds me a little of the red sweet tarts. Sorry for the poor description, but I've not tasted a vape like it before; It wasn't a juice I chose (although I did look at it, and it seemed interesting), so I'm glad Zamplebox sent it. I'll surely be ordering some more. If you're curious about it, ORDER IT... even if it's not your favorite you'll like it enough to enjoy the one 30 ml bottle. I found it best tasting at 55-70 w on a 0.33 single flat clapton setup for a Wasp Nano (Outstanding RDSA).

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Photo of Rehydrate On Ice by Caitlin
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It tastes like the pink bubble gum from Mexican restraunts

Photo of Rehydrate On Ice by Christopher
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First off just wanna say that the bottle itself looked great, only problem was the tip of the dripped was a bit odd, but by far one of the better cherry flavors I’ve had, that cherry , cranberry and Lemon lime come through on the inhale and the honey and Menthol bring it up from behind on the exhale!!

Megan avatar



First of all, the packaging. All others, take NOTE. Next the flavor...who knew that cranberry could be so delicious? This juice is such an odd, unexpected flavor with many layers of complexity. Predominately cranberry with a hint of cherry, and cool menthol on the exhale. A top shelf juice, definitely. If you are bored out of your mind with the typical fruit candy juices, give this one a shot and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Cortney avatar



Oh, yes. This is exactly what it says it is. That honey flavor is better & more prominent than I hoped for & I love it! Not too much or too little of any of the flavors. It always pleases me when I get a juice & I recognize every single flavor that it says it has. This juice is like chewing a piece of wonka’s every flavor chewing gum, without turning into a blueberry. Super refreshing & fruity. The packaging is also super cute.

Dallas avatar



SO let me start off with, what this one reminds me of. If you like the red hot candy then you will love this. My brother used to stick red hots in the fridge for a few let them get cooled off before we would eat them. And this is like that. It was spot on with my profile of flavors too. Which is a great change from many subscriptions that I am subscribed to! You get the taste and remember (if you ever had them) red hots on the inhale and on the exhale you get that soft cool effect. But that's what I picked up with this one. The only bad thing that I can say about this one is this, I was using a baby tank that came with my V8 smok stick kit, and it's impossible to get this liquid into the tank with the dripper that comes within the bottle!. Would I recommend this one?.... Yeh sure if you like this kind of thing.

Stephanie avatar



This is a very smooth vape. Has a light menthol taste but the fruit flavors really pop.


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