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Gilligan's Island by G2 Vapor

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Gilligan's Island G2 Vapor

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Gilligan's Island has pineapple
Gilligan's Island has tropical
Gilligan's Island has savory
Gilligan's Island has fruit
Gilligan's Island has coconut

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Get totally shipwrecked with this savory e-liquid from G2! Sweet coconut & citrus. Ask Mr. Howell. He loves a good tropical punch. Better yet, ask Ginger to join you, too.


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G2 Vapor Prime - Tropical Melon was a pretty surprising treat. I definitely like tropical fruit vapes but tropical fruit is not something I usually vape or eat a ton of. Many tropical fruit vapes I have tried in the past are way too overpowering and artificial for my liking. I was expecting the tropical offering from G2 Prime to be pretty good since I have really enjoyed all their other juices I have tried. Tropical Melon used to be named Gilligan's Island but I guess they decided to stop infringing on the copyright. They changed the name but left the description and flavor the same. It is hotter than heck here right now in the Ozarks so a good tropical fruit vape would really hit the spot. Let's see if Tropical Melon stands up to the likes of G2 Vazilla. I opened up this bottle and immediately got an awesome tropical smell. The smell was amazing. I decided to fill up a Smok TVF-TRDTA with dual 26/36 claptons running at 0.31 ohm and then I walked down to my dock and hopped in my boat for a little on the water testing. After I got a nice spot picked out I stopped and relaxed while taking a few pulls. Wow, between the beautiful day on the water and the flavor coming from this juice I feel like I'm in the Caribbean. Luckily it is a Wednesday so there isn't too much boat traffic from all the tourists so sitting here enjoying the flavor and the view is extremely relaxing. Oh, and the clouds that this juice gives off are huge. I could definitely see this being a good cloud chasers juice with the right build. I don't know if I would buy this very often since I just don't do tropical a whole lot but if you are looking for a really good tropical fruit e-juice then I highly recommend G2 Prime - Tropical Melon. Oh yeah, if the pineapple is too strong for you right away just let the bottle sit and steep for a couple weeks. If you get a brand spanking new bottle the pineapple may overpower everything else but if it has been sitting at a store or on your shelf for a few weeks this juice is an amazingly smooth juice with pineapple, coconut and a few other tropical fruits. It has been quite good.

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Photo of Gilligan's Island by Dylan



Every single time I ask for Gilligans island Zamplebox sends me this (in my opinion) gross tropical melon flavor

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I believe they have changed this flavor to "Tropical Melon". When I received it in my July box the menu had it listed as Gilligan's Island but the actual bottle was Tropical Melon.

Overall, it is a decent flavor, had a good vape cloud, faint hints of some of the tropical flavors, but I was missing the coconut that I really wanted from it. Considering the menu lists it as a "Coconut WITH other Tropical Flavors" I assumed the majority of what I would get out of it was the coconut.

Overall a decent flavor, maybe my setup isn't the best for getting the optimum taste because based on previous reviews I was very excited, but was left just feeling like it was a decent flavor.

Photo of Gilligan's Island by Amy



This is a great vape juice. I actually already had it at home, so they really did know the juices I would like.



This bottle didn't last long I am a heavy vapor and loved this juice from the first try till the bottle was dry.



Don't know if I got the right one for this but they sent me a G2 Vape tropical melon it's pretty good not sure if it's actually the one that I was supposed to get it has a taste of pineapple but it's pretty good



Very natural pineapple flavor, but it's not overpowering. Very realistic, I almost expect the itching sensation of eating unripe pineapple. The after taste is a little spicy, a little like the aftertaste of Mexican chili candy.



This juice was definately spot on with the flavor.

I don't really care for tropical flavors much, but if you like pineapple, this one is for you. It tasted like a Pina colada, but I got tired of it quick.