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Koi by Gemini Vapors
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Tropical melon with a coconut exhale.

50% VG


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I'm vamping on this as I write the review and I have to say. Phillip is a genius! He is spot on with the vapor flavor profile.. perfectly mixed coconut and melon flavors. The lung hit is very smooth and the coconut on the exhale is exhilarating. For real. Can't go wrong with his stuff. It's fantastic!

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Alright first off, I normally don't rate things so highly especially if it's not something I can vape all day. Normally I really dislike watermelon flavors, and I have been trying to find something that maybe I just could some what enjoy.

I bought this mostly because I saw the bottle, and the fact it had coconut in it. I couldn't taste the coconut as much as the watermelon but it has a pretty good steady flavor. No chemicals, just watermelon and coconut all day. And the green color gives it an even better appeal for me.

If you're looking for a flavor like this, I'd say try it out.