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Zombie Killer by GK Vapors

Zombie Killer GK Vapors

5.0/5 1 Rating
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What's the #1 item on our survival list? This strawberry peach blend with a punch of pomegranate. Zombies hate strawberries; ask a scientist.

70% VG

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So I just got back into vaping after a hiatus with 🚬. Glad to be back. I have limited funds right now so I needed to make smart purchases regarding ejuice..amount, cost, taste, ☁, and most importantly the LINGERING TASTE. Well this ZOMBIE KILLER did not disappoint. I am using a Smok Alien 220w, with a TFV8 BABY tank with a .15 ohm coil set l at 65 watts on the normal setting. So I filled it, primed it, and took my first rip off of it....Now I must tell you that I am vaping 6mg nic so when I fired it and inhaled for about 6 sec and blew it out immediately I got strawberry/peach mix followed by pomegranate on the exhale, just enough TH. The lingering was what sold me on this juice though..not too sweet, not too sour, decent TH, good ☁, and I swear to you guys it was as if I had taken those itty bitty pom seeds and crunched them in my mouth!! Sold!#! So I can now see why this is the best selling ejuice by far at my fave vape shop in Phoenix...expectations exceeded!! TWO THUMBS UP.