WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Pop's Pipe by Good Life Vapor

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Pop's Pipe has tobacco
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Spicy chai and rich vanilla get an unexpected kick with a hint of pipe tobacco in this flavorful e-juice. You thought you would have to buy a (tobacco) pipe to feel this good!


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10ml. 12mg. Nicotine. Flavor: Pipe tobacco/Chai/Vanilla. Tasted Profile: Cavendish/Captain Black/Green River Vanilla/herbal. Room Note: figs/Vanilla/subtle hints of pipe tobacco.

Used in Vaporesso Revenger Mini with gt ccell coil at 35W.

Notes: this ejuice has big shoes to fill as I am an evening pipe smoker with quite a large collection of tobaccos in my cellar. This juice does get close to nailing some of the older more classic cavendish blends such as captain black. I guess what you more sees me the most was the room note on this one as it was reminiscent of a good cigar shop and the wife approved as well. Again, flavors are definitely there and they do a good job of representing cavendish blends, however, cavendish blends aren’t typically my favorite blends to begin with. If you’re looking for a pipe like experience without actually smoking a pipe, I guess this would be a good place to start.

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Taste and smells like something dead

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Better than El Kamino in my opinion, the closest and rawest form of a tobacco juice I've tried so far. Tastes more like a cigar, however. Very delicious, at any rate . Extremely complex and very robust! Must try if you haven't found an authentic tobacco flavor yet.



Taste terrible.



Gross. That's all I got.



If you're looking for a really strong earthy tobacco flavour, this is probably for you. Its one of the first tobacco flavours i've tried that is distinctively and accurately tobacco. I would say its similar to a cigar, or the smell of strong spiced rollie tobacco from the pouch. I've never tried pipe tobacco before but i imagine this juice would be very similar to that as well.
This is a super super strong flavour though If you're looking for something to replace the taste of a cigarette, even strong cigarette don't expect to like this too much.
It definitely tastes 'spiced', but its hard to taste the vanilla or the chai, everything seems overpowered by the tobacco flavour. It's incredibly strong tobacco on the inhale, on the exhale there are notes of vanilla and chai, though for the most part its still a pretty overpowering tobacco flavour.
It has a solid throat hit (i had the 12 mg nicotine), probably a medium amount to vapour. Personally I hated this flavour, I can't even stand the smell of the liquid, which is why i've deducted 2 stars. I'll probably throw it out. Even when mixed with other flavours its overpowering. (I am i cigarette smoker, for reference) I think this particular flavour of tobacco is just not my thing, but it might be someone else's. I think that due to the accuracy of the tobacco flavour this e juice might appeal to a lot of people, as generally its hard to find authentic tobacco flavours. For someone who this flavour appealed to, i believe the chai and vanilla notes are well matched and compliment the tobacco even if they are subtle. I would say despite my experience that this is definitely not a bad product at all though.