Gost 3 Bottle Bundle by GOST Vapor

Gost 3 Bottle Bundle GOST Vapor

5.0/5 33 Ratings

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Bundle of 3 Gost products in 3mg. Bundle includes a 120 ml bottle of Gold and a 30 ml bottle of Pink and Pancake.

GOLD: A delectable crunchy coffee cookie topped with just the right amount of caramelized flavor. You'll be wanting more with each and every vape!

Pancake: A stack of warm, fluffy, buttermilk pancakes fresh from your favorite diner smothered in butter and topped with real Canadian maple syrup.

PINK: Fresh pineapples, sweet coconut, and smooth vanilla are baked together and topped with creamy frosting to create the delicious PiƱa Colada Cupcake.

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Love all 3 of these! Especially the pancakes, people walk in while I'm smiling it and say "why do I smell pancakes?". lol

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Absolutely love all three!! I don't even need to add any flavor enhancer like I do with a lot of my juices from other places. Flavors are amazing and I'm thrilled at the price for so much goodness!

Mike ZB


I love Gold and Pink!



All these flavors and quality of juice is awesome. And all three amazing flavers. And WOW what a price



Even though I didn't care for one of the flavors, this bundle still deserves a 5. The one I didn't care for is pancake. With that being said, it tastes just like a pancake. Not sure how they got that perfect pancake taste, but they did. Love the maple part, but never been a huge pancake fan. But, if you love pancakes you will love this. The other two flavors are just awesome, with pink being the absolute best. Gold is a nice rich coffee cake with caramel tasting and Pink is just the perfect combination of pineapple and coconut. All three are just well done flavors. I would not complain if Pink was in every single zamplebox I get.



Personally, I just love these three flavors. If I could afford ten of this deal I'd have ten coming.



I can't even praise these flavors enough. Right now they are hands down my favorite vapes.

-Gold; my new favorite vape. It taste like a sweet Carmel cookie with hints of coffee on the exhale. Although it's sweet it's easily an all day vape. It taste like you're biting into a fresh warm cookie with swirls of Carmel and finishing it off with a sip of your favorite coffee. I can't say enough good things about this juice.

-Pink; a sweet fruit flavor vape. The pina colada is such a nice flavor to vape and the vanilla cupcake ties it together so well. Even if you don't like fruity vapes this will hit the spot for you.

-Pankcake; how do I even put this into words? Imagine sitting down to a huge stack of steaming pancakes covered in maple syrup. While inhaling this vape you get a warm sweet flavor of pancakes with an exhale of rich syrup. This taste identical to pancakes. Skip your breakfast and go to this vape!

How they nail the flavors so well in these juices is beyond me. They all taste just like the flavors described. The cloud production is awesome and flavor is phenomenal. Do yourself a favor and try these!