Hangar Vape Elixer Red E-Juice Flavor

Take a trip to Hawaii with this liquid. A nice sorbet flavor over shaved ice, will transport you right to the big island.

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Not super impressive to me from the start, but after a short time I discovered another new ADV. I always vape fruit flavors; strawberry and pinepple (my usual ADV is Slim's Cloud Juice's Cyclops Treasure). Hangar Vape Elixir's Red is not too boring or harsh for me and I can almost imagine the aftertaste of a red shaved ice/sorbet. The icy is only in the aftertaste since I am not a fan of menthol flavors and it's almost a bit refreshing to my slightly sore throat (allergies, not vape). I can barely get a very slight hint of french vanilla but it is more than sufficient for me because I find any vanilla cloying in a vape.

I have gotten a much better impression of it in my Cubis with my P3 over my Nautilus, but it is a pretty sweet fruit flavor.

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Ok, so it's not without its charm - however, as its name suggests it is a little vague.

There are clear overtones of red fruits but beyond that it lacks much complexity.

Once you get over the slightly unpleasant smell it's worth a go - but a fair icy punch isn't enough to make this a winner.

Cleito tank at 55w


Wasn't thrilled at first sight when I received this in my 1st box but after I tried it, it did bring a smile to my face. Imagine a red snow cone or fruit punch kool-aid. And not over powerfully sweet. Good stuff!


tastes okay can't really land the flavor