WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Lori's review of Caramel Frapp by High Class Line

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Definitely got coffee with this one, a cup of black coffee. Tiny bit of sugar but instead of cream, maybe low-fat milk. Didn't taste much caramel. Really felt a touch of a throat hit, a bite on the tongue similar to a hot cup of espresso, yet not unpleasant. I'd get it again IF it were available! Been searching for a "refill" of this flavor but see the exact same bottle label and description as Caramel Frapp(e) by Vapers' Choice. I'm confused as I've vaped both at different times, not side-by-side (YET) but appears I'll be continuing my now monthly quest to get either one in 3mg...or both! EDIT: I don't know how many months have passed but it's a bunch, as I was fruitlessly seeking this on a monthly basis to reserve in my subscription box. Finally this is available again, YaY 😃

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I see both Caramel Frappe liquids by two different brands, had each before,separately, and wanted to reserve again BUT not available. Either wrong size bottle for my monthly box or wrong mg strength. I check every time and hope for a re-do one of these times! Finally settled for a coffee substitute called "Illusion". Actually getting quite frustrating for me.