WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Lights Out by High Voltage

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Nighty night! This calming eliquid vape blend of raspberry and chai will warm and relax you even after the most shocking of days!

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Photo of Lights Out by Anthony
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One of the most unique flavors I've vaped. Very light sweetness of Raspberry on the inhale with a robust leafy tea tingle on the exhale. Little to no throat hit in 3mg. Vaping on the Sinuous P80 in bypass mode with the Pulse 24 single triple fused Clapton 0.21 ohms. Between 75 and 65 watts the flavor is mellow but rich, slightly sugary with a warm dense vapor. Definitley a night time vape. Great before bed or when its time to wind down. Like a realxing cup of tea this flavor is one I look forward to keeping around when I feel like unwinding. High Voltage, Lights Out is a great choice for anyone looking for a mellow unique flavor thays not too sweet or too earthy. Love it!

Top negative review

Photo of Lights Out by Robert
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I had this at a local vape shop and I remember why I never bought it. - This has an overall flavor that can only be described as 'sickly'. I try to give flavors through the end of the bottle before I will give a strictly negative review, but from the first hit to the last, I was looking forward to being done with the bottle.

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Photo of Lights Out by 4.3.d.0.
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Oh wow! Talk about an experience! I’ve always wanted to make a tea line thinking they didn’t exist. Here it is! The chai really bringing in the earthy/herbal tones like a trip to Woodstock but the slight raspberry in there really brightens it up leaving your pallete begging for more. This is my evening vape, I really don’t want to go without a tea in my lineup- ever. Good job High Voltage

Photo of Lights Out by Sandi
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Wasnt too crazy about this at all. If there is raspberry flavor in it ... it is very faint.

Photo of Lights Out by Faerie
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The flavor of Lights Out is very light and relaxing at first but the longer I vaped it the more overwhelming it became. I love the hint of tea on the exhale but the raspberry was pretty undetectable to me. It was a lemony tea taste and no cinnamon chai at all, it was okay and I am sure many people like the flavor but it didn't really taste like how it's described. The lemon was too much for me and I didn't enjoy vaping it after a little while. I love tea flavors but the lemon taste this had threw it off for me. I would recommend this to someone who enjoys lemon tea. My husband loved this juice and I'm sure others who like a lemon flavor would too.

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This juice is awesome! Best tasting juice i have ever had, hands down! If you like cinnamon, raspberry and chi tea you can not go wrong with this juice. New favorite.

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This, From what I See, Is supposed to be a Raspberry Chai Tea. On inhale, It nails the chai, with a small bit of Raspberry that hits after it. On exhale, you get a nice note of tea, almost chamomile, along with a lesser hit of the chai and raspberry mixed in again.. All in all, It absolutely nails a Chai tea. Thought it wouldn't be in my Flavor profile at all (it's an odd flavor for vape) but man, it's actually pretty good if you like chai at all.

There are two Caveats with this Juice, one weird, the other really cool: Firstly, It smells, in the bottle, nothing like it vapes. I get a lemon cough drop/ hard candy, for some reason; the girl describes it as "Walking into an Indian market and tasting the air" (She is not a fan of Chai, either, so take that how you will). Really Weird.

The Second, and really cool thing, Is that it is "zzzzz Infused". The juice has Melatonin in it, a natural supplement you can take to aid in sleep. I tried this before bedtime, just in case. (The Sample sys it's melatonin Free). Wish it did have the Melatonin because that is VERY cool, and i want to try it.

All in all, If you like Chai Tea and want a good nighttime vape, I Absolutely recommend it.

Because I know different setups can bring out very different flavors: Vaped out of an OBS Crius 2 (Single coil) with a Dotmod Friction Drip tip, .39 ohm mix twisted Kanthal coil at 45 watts (bout 4.2 volts).

Photo of Lights Out by Mre
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This was an awesome surprise ! I loved the chai experience it was tasty and fun to vape... opened me up to more chai flavors!