Holy Grail Elixer Soft Serve E-Juice Flavor
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Vape away all day on this amazing vanilla bean ice cream with pecan an maple.

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Best Box EVER, every bottle was 100% so I wish there was simply an Overall rating so I dont have to rate each one...usually two flavors will stand out but on this box, it was every bottle. You could send the same box every month and Id be happy dancing! The Pecan, Maple, Banana flavors, creams were Awesome!!! I bought new mod, Alien (vaping at around 55-60Watts) and every bottle vaped beautifully. The flavors were true, there wasnt that chemical perfumey taste or after taste, and I could vape them all, all day long. So, great box. Awesome juices.

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WOW!!! Was a little worried the maple might be overwhelming but it was perfect, just like the rest of this juice. Can discern all the flavors but in perfect proportion to each other. Will definitely be getting more of this. Outstanding!


Tastes like butter pecan ice cream on top of IHOP pancakes! Yummy!


This flavor SOUNDED very good. I really like ice cream with pecans in it, i.e. pecan praline ice cream. On paper it works, but my first time trying this I'd put it at a one in terms of flavor, though it grew on me a little to a two. Bitter. I'll be mixing all the remainder of this liquid with something else creamy.