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Mucho Melee by Invader Vapor

No hero's utility belt is complete without a set of powerful Melee weapons. "Mucho's" refreshing blend of mango, lemonade, and iced tea is made for the super-you who won't go down without a fight. A perfect way to beat the summer heat!

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Throat Hit



Top negative review


This juice is god awful.

The lemonade overpowers everything else, and actually itches the back of your throat with how strong the lemon is. I marked the Throat Hit as medium, not because it hits in the traditional way, but because of how much the lemon burns. I assume the mango and iced tea flavors are in there somewhere, and likely add the overall flavor, but I couldn't pick them out as recognizable.

I tried dripping in an RDA, and was unable to stomach it. It was passable in a Sub Ohm tank, but I basically kept it as an emergency juice in case I ran out of everything else.