WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
White Russian by Johnson Creek

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White Russian has rich
White Russian has dessert
White Russian has cream
White Russian has drink
White Russian has mocha

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White Russian is a sophisticated cocktail classic. Roasted coffee bean and mocha flavors create a robust undertone that swims in rich, creamy drink e-liquid flavor. We rounded out this vape with a hint of Bavarian cream to add some sweetness for a balanced flavor. 


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Throat Hit

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I lack the words to describe the predominant flavour in this juice, but it is a strong flavor. If WWI had a flavor, this would be it... It's like only drinking water from a hession sack dragged accross all the muck of the battlefield, meat that has been carried around in the heat of day for who knows how long before it is cooked and a victory cigar that has only made its way to your lips after being carried around in your buddies sock (or maybe even ass crack) for over a year through a long and sweaty war... It is HORRENDOUS. It is so bad, that even after cleaning out the tank and replacing it with a menthol ejuice to overpower it, I can still taste it on every inhale. I may have to buy a new tank... I dont know what the designers think this flavour is, but it is not a white russian. A white russian who died in a ditch a year ago and then his corpse juices squeezed into an essence perhaps but coffee, milk, dessert ...it is not. To be fair, it does have an aftertaste that is almost biscuity, but in no way is it a good biscuit. an arse biscuit perhaps. I almost wish there was a way to block my brain from registering taste right now. There is nothing I can eat to get rid of this lingering hell in the back of my throat and on my breath. Wost, flavor, ever.