WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
ZONK - Cotton Candy by JUICE MAN

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ZONK - Cotton Candy JUICE MAN

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ZONK - Cotton Candy has candy
ZONK - Cotton Candy has gum
ZONK - Cotton Candy has fruit
ZONK - Cotton Candy has cotton candy
cotton candy

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Remember the excitement you used to have when the county fair was in town? The rides, the games and especially the food were something you’d dream about all year around. Now you can enjoy one of the most famous fair flavors with a twist in this creative vape juice blend. Cotton Candy by Zonk E-Liquid brings together fluffy, sweet cotton candy with classic bubble gum.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Wouldn’t know how to rate this flavor because you can’t purchase it. Wth! Why is this on the site if not purchasable? You at least could say it’s out of stock. Another thing I noticed is that when you search Cotten candy flavors it says there’re 32 products but really only four come up and you can only purchase two. Why?

Top negative review

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Cant review a flavor that i can never order 😠

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Photo of ZONK - Cotton Candy by Gayle
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Wow! One of the most powerful flavor vapes I have ever tried and the flavor is stunning. I will say that its NOT Cotton Candy flavor but if you like cotton candy you will love this guarenteed. I came for the cotton candy but stayed for the sweetness. All of the flavors hit you on inhale with a punch. The loudest note is sugar. Its not creamy or smoky... Its straight up sugar which I personally love. On inhale its mostly sugar with the other flavors coming through. On exhale, its more bubblegum. And this bubblegum is like hubba bubba citrus. The citrus is so slight its barely even there and I'm happy with that. I really dont think they could make this flavor any better than it is. But what struck me most about this juice is how powerful the sweetness is. I am crazy about dessert and custard vapes. I have been looking for a genuine cotton candy vape for years now and still haven't found it... (I did try to create my own and for some reason its a very difficult flavor to capture even with the right flavoring) Anyways, I have been through so many bottles of juice all focusing on the sweet stuff... Dont even care if it kills my coils I have the sweet tooth. Nothing, not one vape has ever come close to the sweetness that is coming off this!! I give the strength a 9.5 on sweetness. And I've never experienced more than a 7 on others.

The throat hit on this is pretty weak I will say at 3mgs. Easily fixed by adding some nic. I'm just blown away by this vape obviously and I'm gonna be trying more from zonk very soon. Although you cant purchase it here you can find this elsewhere and I would suggest you do. The only negative I have about this is I can't vape on it everyday because I get vaper's tongue after a couple days. Gotta take breaks every few days. Stocking up on this while I can!!

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This was the first juice I ever tried and it was amazing like a blue cry baby bubblegum flavor so good. I got it from a local vape store over a year ago that u can't order it on here, I was excited when. I saw it ....but can't buy here currently I guess

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This Flavour of vape juice by ZONK COTTON CANDY Vape juice didn’t even taste like Cotton candy on the inhale i tasted the blue flavour of the cotton candy and on the exhale I didn’t taste the staw berry flavour and I also didn’t taste the candy flavour from the cotton Candy vape juice this is one of the awful tasting cotton Candy flavours I have tried

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Burns my throat. Tastes nothing like cotton candy. More like a strong bubblegum with blue raspberry.

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Smooth hit with plenty of that cotton candy flavor!