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Coney Cake by Liquid State

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Coney Cake has dessert
Coney Cake has rich
Coney Cake has vanilla
Coney Cake has cake
Coney Cake has cream

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Our Brooklyn boardwalk favorite is topped with powdered sugar and a rich vanilla bean ice cream. We finish it off with scoops of sweet berry compote made from fresh strawberries and ripe summer blueberries.


Vapor Production
Throat Hit

Top positive review

Photo of Coney Cake by Alan



this juice if absolutely incredible. the inhale , exhale, flavor, cloud production all top notch. this is the kind of juice you would keep secret its that good you don't wanna share...2 thumbs up to the cats at liquid state for the Coney cake and another to zamplebox for adding it to my box.

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Photo of Coney Cake by Richard



Not much of cake taste products. Since joining Zamplebox have really open up to different assortments of vape flavors.

Photo of Coney Cake by James Bailey

James Bailey


Really good in every way, trust me. Better than I thought it would be. Tasted like my childhood memories at an amusement park. Yeah baby😋

Photo of Coney Cake by Kimberly



This juice is awesome! You can really taste funnel cake. And the cream and vanilla ice cream are equally balanced. Blueberry and strawberry not so much but it is delicious! Very smooth, good throat hit and strong vapor.



When I first saw that this was a funnel cake vape I wasn't really expecting much to be honest. I have tried a bunch of them before, but they weren't as one says... My cup of tea. But this one took me by surprise. It is sweet, and the cake part of the vape is very wholesome. I found myself chain vaping this like crazy, because it seems to get tastier with each hit. I love Coney Cake, I finished the bottle from top to bottom in a matter of hours. Cloud production was good but not the best I've had and the throat hit was very pleasant and minimal. The taste is powerful. If you like sweet, cake vapes, this is going to impress you. This juice is the shit.



Bold rich Flavor, the taste of cake, cream and dessert are the most notes that you taste when inhale. Couldn't taste the strawberry or blueberry in all hits. Almost no throat hit good vapor production. Good quality juice. Recommend if you like dessert flavors.



The vape is smooth overall. Slightly sweet, rich liquid.

The number one flavor I took from this liquid is this: CINNAMON!

I don't see cinnamon in the flavor profile for the description, but this is the main flavor I get. Cinnamon on the inhale - even more cinnamon on the exhale.

Let's talk about the flavor profiles listed on the product page: Vanilla - This has a light vanilla back note, it's there but very subtle Cream - I got no cream flavor from this liquid except for an extremely light creamy note at the end of the exhale - almost an aftertaste Cake - This profile is non-existent in this liquid Blueberry - What? There is absolutely no blueberry flavor present in this - seriously - None. I'm not even sure how they included this. Dessert - Only if you're the type of person to only eat the cinnamon-sugar off the top of a coffee cake without eating the cake itself

With all of that said - this IS a good liquid. But the description is WAY off. Most of the flavors in the description are either highly muted or non-existent - and the main flavor profile I tasted (cinnamon) - isn't even listed.

If you don't like cinnamon, this liquid is not for you. If you do like vaping cinnamon flavors (real cinnamon, not cinnamon candy) - this may be the most authentic cinnamon vape you ever try.