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Cowboy Cobbler by Liquid State
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Cobbler from the wild west

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Top positive review


I really liked this one, it has a slight hint of cinnamon. Apparently it also has the flavor of pomegranate which is also hinted at but with an overall pie crust flavor.

Top negative review


Has to be one of the worst juices ive ever tried threw away the bottle

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Tastes like some sort of doughy cobbler, a bit of cinnamon with maybe apple and a mystery fruit. After reading - it's pomegranate. Duh! A pleasant desert vape.

Inhale: fruit Exhale: doughy crust apple pomegranate cinnamon

I gave it only 3 stars because it's not bad but it's not great. Not my favorite type of vape personally. Almost a 4 for the pomegranate goodness. But for cobbler gobblers, you'll like it. :)

Edit: it's growing on me and I give it 4 stars because the flavors work nicely together. The pomegranate gives it a bite along with the doughy cobbler bit and apple - really create a nice aftertaste that keeps me vaping it.

12mg Sub Arctic .5 ohm Kopor 40 Watts


I did not think I was going to like this after smelling it, but I was really surprised this was very good. you can really taste the buttery pie crust and the berry with a hint of cinnomon but not too sweet. I did not taste the pomegranate at all. This could be a good all day vape


This one is delish. I ordered two more bottles. It seems like it's discontinued, as Liquid State doesn't even have it listed on their website anymore. This is sad! It's so good!


BEST out of all the Liquid State juices I have had, amazing cobbler flavor


This is an interesting flavor because it tastes NOTHING like the description but I still kind of love it. It does not taste any kind of cobbler I have ever had. What it does taste like is EXACTLY like red wine. I mean exactly. In fact, that is what I smelled when I first opened the bottle and sure enough, this is what I tasted when I vaped it. That being said, I don't even like red wine. In fact, I hate it. What is really weird is that in a vape, it is fricking amazing. I know weird right? But still true. Maybe they mislabeled my bottle? Either way, I loved it. I want to say that if you are looking for a red wine vape, look no further but I am afraid of the mislabeling so don't get mad at me if your flavor ends up tasting like a cobbler. LOL. I kind of want to try adding it to my next month's order to verify....