Little Head Crazy Cookie
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Imagine a fresh cookie, topped with butter pecans and toffee vanilla cream with a side of caramel drizzled all over. Mouth-watering? This e-juice has got you covered.

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Omgosh I LOVE this stuff! I finally found a caramel cookie! Its a beautiful experience to vape this rich, sweet, gooey caramel cookie ejection! It's just divine! Very smooth and rich, almost too rich, but I love it, love it, love it! You inhale sweet sugar cookie then exhale rich decadent caramel that makes you sit up and take recognition..because you can't believe your senses! Then you need to double check this percieved yumminess...because it's too good to be true. Omgosh there were so many vocalized “mmmmm's“ coming from me while chain vaping this ejuice! And boy does it produce clouds! So good, I will never be without this ejuice EVER again! Love caramel and cookies? Buy this! Run, don't walk! They just might run out! Vaping on a Kangertech SubTank Nano with .05 SubOhm coils at 20-25W.

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LOVE IT! This was the flavor that really got me hooked on vaping. I always have a tank available. Pretty darn sweet and can get a little cloying if used excessively but it tastes so good that it is like having a little desert. Thick fog with a definite cookies-n-cream taste with a maple drizzle. Great for anyone with a strong sweet tooth.