WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Macaroon Man by Macaroon Man

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Macaroon Man has fruit
Macaroon Man has lemon
Macaroon Man has bakery
Macaroon Man has berry
Macaroon Man has meringue

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A huckleberry and lemon infused macaroon flavor that packs a ton of flavor into a delicious macaroon. The only thing here missing is the french bakery that would've made such a great dessert. 


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When searching for a lemon flavor I ran across this juice. As huckleberry is my state's fruit and super popular here, I decided to try this one out & see how it tasted mixed with one of my favorite vape flavors. I was happily surprised at how well the two went together! Not overly sweet, nice huckleberry on the inhale but with just enough tartness from the lemon on the exhale, and the mild macaroon flavor mixed in with both, this one was one of those where you go "Damn, they got this one pretty much just right!" I'd been a bit worried since I couldn't find that Macaroon Man has any other juices currently available that perhaps they were a one hit wonder that wasn't, you know how it is.

It is a bit throatier than some 6 mg juices, and something to be aware of. I'm ok with that but my vaping adult son is not a fan of much throat hit in this mg range, though it does seem to be less noticeable after a few draws.

The juice is a medium amber color straight out of the box and has darkened slightly as it has sat in the Unicorn bottle the past couple of weeks but I haven't noticed a significant flavor change.

I vaped it primarily on my Alien 220 w mod w/the Smok Baby Beast octuple coils around 75-80, and occasionally on my Wismec Reuleaux Mini with same tank & coils at 60-65 w. No real gunking up of my coils even though this is an 80/20 and it doesn't feel thick either. I'm not a "cloud beast", so I marked it as medium on cloud production. Someone else may find it sends up tremendous plumes if they know how to do that, I'm just a former smoker staying off the cigarettes so don't know how to gauge that as accurately.

I absolutely adore Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart for my favorite lemon vape juice. If you like that one, I'd recommend giving this one a try for sure, especially if you also enjoy blueberries and/or huckleberries. Packaging included the pictured outer box, the 60 ml plastic bottle with twist & drip cap, a 30 ml Mr. Macaroon sticker label unicorn bottle, a sticker, and a silicone bracelet - I'd have rather seen a vape band since I collect and actually use those, but I like freebies of any kind so hey, bracelets are good, too 😍 I also forgot to take a pic of everything for a review - next time!