WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Don't Swallow Your Bubble Gum by Mad Scientists Ejuice

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Don't Swallow Your Bubble Gum Mad Scientists Ejuice

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Don't Swallow Your Bubble Gum has fruit
Don't Swallow Your Bubble Gum has bubblegum
Don't Swallow Your Bubble Gum has cocktail
Don't Swallow Your Bubble Gum has gum
Don't Swallow Your Bubble Gum has pineapple

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Can you remember that old urban legend that if you happened to swallow your bubble gum by accident it would stay in your stomach for seven years? That rumor has been debunked but those old childhood fears can stay with you forever! This juice is going to give you all of the great, nostalgic qualities that you can get from those old school sticks of bubble gum that you used to spend all of your spare change on back in the day but with a new twist that elevates it to completely new levels that will have you reaching for it day in, day out. Whenever you taste a juice like that it's going to bring about so much of that wonderful, fun loving, mischevious attitude inside of you that makes your day so much more interesting. It was always so entertaining to see just how large of a bubble that you could blow and now with it in juice form, you can see just how huge and dense the clouds you make are going to be and recapture some of those same feelings. Mad Scientists E Liquid is a brand that makes unique, out of the ordinary blends that are unlike anything else that's already out there on the market. They have a talent for bringing together seemingly odd flavor combinations to make juices that are so complementary, high quality and smooth that you are going to want to tell all of your friends about them. Don't Swallow Your Bubblegum starts off with that sweet, typically pink bubble gum base that's been mixed in with a cocktail of different tropical fruit flavors with a focus on pineapple and a splash of mouth puckering tartness.


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