WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Feeling Lucky? by Mad Scientists Ejuice

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Feeling Lucky? has fruit
Feeling Lucky? has dessert
Feeling Lucky? has breakfast
Feeling Lucky? has marshmallow
Feeling Lucky? has lucky charms
lucky charms

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You always felt lucky when you would see a box of the sweet cereal this juice is based on sticking out of your parent's grocery bags. It was rare when you would get a treat like this but when you did you would savor every time you would pour a bunch into a bowl and cover it in creamy, cool milk. It turned every breakfast into dessert and would give you such a huge sugar rush that you would be running in circles and you'd have to go outside to play and work it off. Now, thanks to the talented team over at Mad Scientists E Liquid you can get all of that wonderful, sweet flavor that you used to go absolutely crazy for but without all of the calories, cavity-causing sweetness and with a bit more complexity that is going to appeal so much more to your adult side. So when you wake up and feel like you could use that little something extra to make you feel a little more light, cheery and uplifted, you'll be able to get an instant smile with this blend that just radiates joy. Mad Scientists E Liquid is a collection that makes unique, creative blends that set themselves apart from everything else that's already out there today. They aren't afraid to put themselves out there and try something new, anyone who likes humorous, playful juices that also have an exceptional quality will love their selections. Feeling Lucky? takes a savory, crisp cereal and mixes in loads of crunchy little super sweet marshmallows that have you feeling like you're floating around on a cloud. When others see that skip in your step and unwavering grin, they are going to wonder just what your secret is.


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