WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ian's review of Mango Rush ICE by MEGA E-Liquids

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Stop using sugar, and other malignant substances, in the creation of your e-juices please. Pretty great flavor (better than many others, at least).

Unfortunately, adding this juice into the mix around the 2k puff mark on 2 different coils landed me with a toaster coil by the 3k puff mark. The other 2 juices that were mixed with this (each used for the first 2k puffs on the aforementioned coils, respectively), are known good - and have each lasted me 6k+ puffs on a coil before.

After the first coil burnt out around 3k puffs, I was mystified as to how it happened. This juice seemed fairly decent - not as fire as some other icey mango flavors, but certainly better than others.

After an almost identical situation happened with another coil a few weeks later, I narrowed it down to this juice.

If you want an icey mango flavor that doesn't wreck your coil fairly rapidly, stay away from this one!

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