WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Michael's review of Mango Rush ICE by MEGA E-Liquids

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This is ok. But just ok. On the inhale you get a dry mild generic fruit juice and on the exhale you get a stronger unusual Peach flavour (it's not unpleasant) not unreminiscent of Liptons Peach Tea. As far as Mango goes sometimes I can identify the slightest hint of it other times can't tell it's in the juice. The ice here is a bit confused and just too mild even for an "Ice" over a "Menthol". Also has kind of a chalky element to the vape after vaping all day long. Having said that it's non-offensive and enjoyable I just couldn't vape it all day and it won't be a favourite. But is there any nastiness to it? No. It will go in my emergency juice box and I won't be to bummed out when it's time to vape it again but won't look for it either. 3/5 someone somewhere will love it and worth a try once at least.

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