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Pear-adise by Mix-3D
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A mouthwatering blend of sweet pear and freshly picked wild berries.

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When I saw this flavor in my box I was very disappointed because I don't like pear flavored anything, however this ejuice has changed that opinion. Absolutely one of the best juices I have ever Vaped. The flavor is strong without overpowering and is a definite all day vape for me.

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Fresh out of the box, with a furious shaking, manhandling of the dripper, and shaking some more, I dripped some on my cotton, and was almost blown away. Fresh out of the box, and I would say it's between a 3.5, and just barely peaking into 4 star territory. After a few days steeping though, I tried it again and it was WAY TOO SWEET! Overwhelmingly sweet to the point of being unvapeable. I had to mix it with multiple other flavors to try to be able to vape what was in my tank. It's a really odd feeling to be debating between if something should be 2 stars, or 4 stars. THANKFULLY for some reason, when I tried it again, it was perfectly fine. So, I can only guess that, depending on your pallet at the time of tasting, this might be too sweet. When it's not, it's really good. The pear is obviously the main flavor, with an indescribable combination of fruits in the background. If you like really sweet fruit vapes, you might like this. I personally don't even know anymore. I liked it, then I couldn't vape it, then I liked it again. I don't like the feeling that maybe they added a ton of sweetener to it though. I'd prefer if they added the bare minimum of sweetness to an eliquid, as it gunks up your coils, and goes in your lungs.`


Good but too sweet for my taste