WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Akuma by Modus

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Akuma has cream
Akuma has vanilla
Akuma has custard
Akuma has dessert
Akuma has pastry

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If you're looking for another boring, run-of-the-mill custard or cream, you've definitely come to the wrong place. Akuma's luscious cream puff flavor is not like anything you've experienced before. The whipped vanilla filling coupled with light pastry notes leaves this masterpiece balanced better than a Masamune katana. Seriously; it's perfection.


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Oh boy! A new brand! 😀💕 I love it when they pop up with dessert tags! And a simple, non-fruit dessert is greatly appreciated and much needed. OK. On to how this juice worked out for me.. I'll begin by saying that I found the flavors at a bit of a higher wattage. 60W to be exact. At lower wattages it fell flat for me. Also, this juices' brownish color had me expecting rich, syrupy flavors that would not mix well with others. Since I purchased this, I had no flavor description for reference. I came here to see what it was before adding it to a bold strawberry I had in my tank. The flavor profile indicated it was perfectly safe to add to my strawberry as I was looking for a strawberries and cream flavor. Now, I was vaping at 40 Watts and I couldn't taste this. I ramped it up to 60W, as mentioned earlier and the flavors popped right up and held their own against the rich Strawberry Cream I had added it to. ("Knight" by "Strawberry Queen") I think it'd also do well dripped as it isn't very sugary. This ejuice is a light desert vape and the flavors are all there.. just as described by the tags, Also, every flavor is equally represented with no flavir stronger than the other. . On a richness scale I'd give ut a 5. It's not very sweet either. If you want a light vanilla custard experience... This one's perfect for you! Now, I DID notice that this line also has a juice that pretty much sounds exactly like this, but they added a flavor tag... "Rich". I'm needing one of those too.. so off to my cart I go! I highly recommend it as a berry/dessert/pastry/bakery vaper and I will definitely buy it again. Oh! produces smooth and quite decent clouds without them hanging around and fogging up the entire room from just one puff.

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I vape mostly on a rig pig and a tube mod with a Kennedy deck. I like creamy vapes, so this is a pretty good custard, creamy vape juice. It is not a super strong flavor, but I definitely taste the custard, cream and vanilla. I am not a fan of max VG, though the bottle and box do not state that it is, I think it probably is. So it is a bit rough on my throat. I think it is pretty solid by its self. Just depends on what you prefer, I prefer lots of flavor and a bit more sweetness. I also like making juice taste like ice cream, so this makes a good base to mix with others to make ice cream tasting vapes. I think this is due to the custard and vanilla flavors. I would recommend this if you like the flavors present.

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after steeping I enjoyed it, but it's not a very creamy, vanilla vape. I honestly didn't taste the pastry, vanilla or custard. I did get cream.