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Molly by Modus
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Molly E-Juice is the flagship flavor that started it all. Here we have a satisfying concoction of perfectly ripened Strawberries and tangy sourness, delivering “the best strawberry sour belt on the market.” Molly provides a candied sweet n’ sour dream, proving that originality is alive and well at Modus Vapors 


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Modus Molly. Where do I start? First of all the packaging is premium, I love it already and it's just the box. The juice, it's a strawberry sour, a very good one. Actually the best strawberry juice I've ever tried, which they boast and have every right to. On the inhale you get a nice sour candy taste with a hint of strawberry and on exhale you get that pure sweet strawberry. It matches the flavor profile perfectly, it has great vapor production and amazing flavor, I would highly recommend this to anyone a fan of fruit/berry flavors. It's the best juice I've ever had.

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I vape mostly on a rig pig and a tube mod with a Kennedy deck. Sour on the inhale, tangy on the exhale. Faint Strawberry or "fruit" throughout. I am not a fan of max VG so it is a bit rough for me. The flavors are present but are not super strong, in fact they are closer to faint. Good if you like the flavors but not real sweet vapes, as it not over powering.