WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Brittany's review of Spumoni by Mr. Nice Cream

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This flavor is great if you love the idea of vaping an aerosol version of nail polish remover.

My boyfriend and I have a stock of about 20 vape bottles. The day I tried this fluid, I hated it. I can only describe it as huffing from an aerosol can. I changed my coil, and when my boyfriend got home from work, his question to me was “have you been performing some kind of odd burning ritual in my house?”

I told him that i tried a new fluid... and told him that he could try it, that i didn’t like it, but didn’t tell him which one it was so he wouldn’t just agree with my distaste for it and throw it out.

Well today, he messaged me stating that he thinks he took the bad one, and that to him it’s like, full on rubbing alcohol on the nose and aerosol can on the back end. He sent a picture. It’s this fluid.

We both agree, this is getting trashed. It’s definitely the worst fluid I’ve tried, I’m just hoping that my throat is okay after vaping this.

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