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A Beignet. A deep fried pasty with powdered sugar

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Ok, immediately feel the need to state I requested this liquid in my box. It sounded really tasty and I do not regret the decision in the least. Especially with the lack of throat hit at all and the really good cloud production.

I really, really like this flavor. If you've never had a beignet but had a funnel cake from a fair... it's more or less the same thing so this flavor can easily take you back to that joyful, fun experience. It isn't overly sweet, in spite of the powdered sugar coating.

On the inhale you get the dusting of powdered sugar without it being overwhelming and then on the exhale you can taste the slightly savory fried pastry itself. It has an almost buttery quality to it and is incredibly smooth.

If you enjoy dessert vapes, I highly recommend this one. It's like eating the beignet without the guilt of eating the calories.

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I liked this, but I expected it to be sweeter. I did get a powdered sugar flavor that was medium bodied. The rest of the flavor tags were just not there. I'd buy it again, but not every month. I wanted RICH! This was subtle. I