WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Blue Raspberry by Oneup Vapor

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Blue Raspberry has fruit
Blue Raspberry has candy
Blue Raspberry has berry
Blue Raspberry has blue raspberry
blue raspberry
Blue Raspberry has gummy

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Before you have second thoughts…wait. Our Blue Razz is definitely a flavor that will put a smile on your face. Providing a distinctive blue raspberry type candy flavor while leaving a subtle creamy note. Our Blue Razz has FIVE different berry ingredients to provide the ultimate blue raspberry taste

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Very good taste just like it's described for sure an all day vape if you like blue razz this is a go. Cloooouds

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Photo of Blue Raspberry by Samantha
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Absolutely amazing vape. Been vaping on this for about a week constantly and it's almost out. To me it tastes just like that blue razz push pop candy. Its sweet on in the inhale and the exhale. Very good on the coil. Coil is still clean after a week non stop of vaping this. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice blue razz candy vape. The bottle is super cool and makes it a good feel all around.

Photo of Blue Raspberry by bobi
bobi avatar



I have searched so long for a TOLERABLE blue razz flavor. This just so happens to be incredible! This is so similar to Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum tape in my opinion. Smelled like a typical blue razz, but such a sweet inhale and no throat hit on the exhale. Would reccommend if sweet candies are your thing

Photo of Blue Raspberry by Raymond
Raymond avatar



Blue raspberry is one of my all time favorite flavors and this juice didn’t fail to impress. It was a nice smooth vape and it’s one I could vape all day.

Photo of Blue Raspberry by Jessica
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I thinkthe juice brand is incorrect. I got " Blue Raspberry" by Emoji. It doesn't make the juice any less good though! It is a exactly a nice sweet blue raspberry flavor. This one isn't overpowering at all. Just a light seeet blu raz.

Photo of Blue Raspberry by Doug
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Delicious! Very berry with the clear raspberry/blueberry standing out front. Wonderful fruity exhale that pops the fruity flavors. Good candy flavor and even reminds me of Grape Zotz a little too!

Sean avatar



Very accurate.. Smooth and absolutely delicious Vape! I highly recommend this juice.😁

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