WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Maschelle's review of Churros and Strawberry Ice Cream by Oneup Vapor

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Yum! Oh this is STRAIGHT UP Churro with Strawberry ice cream with a medium hit of bakery cinnamon! It's exactly what I am looking for in an Ejuice with this flavor profile, but let me get specific to see if it's for you! I have trouble tasting mild flavors, and need to taste the cinnamon and get a throat hit from it..but NOT a sore throat and irritated lungs. Well, the cinnamon is finally discernable in a new vape for me! My old vendor quit selling the cinnamon I used for a year as a flavor booster with just a few drops in my tank. It was far too strong alone, and NEVER could I get it out of my coils if I vaped it straight and undiluted. So I had turned to a nice cinnamon roll for my Cinnamon and pastry source. Then they quit carrying that one too. I've been searching ever since I joined ZampleBox, but every bakery vape with cinnamon I got had too mild of that one flavor! I couldn't taste it at all! This Ejuice has nailed it! I taste it, and feel it on my throat, but in no way is it overpowering! Next to the churro... it's mild, but there. Definitely a bakery taste! And on to the Strawberry ice cream... It's slso the answer to my exhaustive search for a real, vine ripened sweet strawberry! Just the right amount of sweet! Perfect strawberry flavor and the creamy ice cream wraps this all up into one lovely combination of delictible flavors and it becomes Churro with Strawberry ice cream! Finally!! Yeah, my local vendor dropped my Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped cream Ejuice too (UGH!)! So, not too sweet. No artificial taste! Cinnamon level just right! And real strawberries with your churro. and the ice cream! Both doing their thing and wrapping this all up into a bakery vape. I highly recommend this juice! It's been the answer to my long quest for these flavors!! Oh yummy yum! For me it's an ADV! If you don't tolerate cinnamon at all...be aware that it's present and accounted for in this vape! But it's supposed to be there based on the flavor profile. Dang, this is SO GOOD!!! Using a KangerTech Nano Tank with OCC 0.50 SubOhm coils at 22W

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you should try holi cannoli French toast has a nice cinnamon taste

Got this once back in November and LOVED it but it hasn't been available since! Please bring this back!

What a great review! Thanks Maschelle.

I hope i get this on my next box, i saw indoor smokers do a review on it and it sounds amazing.


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