WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Nathaniel's review of Orgasm by Oneup Vapor

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i would like to try this in my monthly box

Buy it now

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At the bottom of the page it says "FAQ"; this stands for 'frequently asked questions". There are 20 articles, one of them shows you how to request specific juices in your box

if u have a sub. with Zamplebox, u can add it, by going to customize my box

Bad review. Don’t review something you haven’t tried. Make suggestions to customer service

Should have put 5 stars and could have put please at the end but leaving no stars/bad review may not get what you would like just saying

Why don't you just buy it?

I'd like to try it too considering it sounds so good and is overall vape. I don't see how leaving a negative review is gonna make zamplebox put this in your box though ahhaha. Maybe you should message them and ask if its a possibility.

its not an option. Why leave a negative review?

I would like to try any of the one ups in my monthly box but can't find any in the request section


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