WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Raspado by Oneup Vapor

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Raspado has watermelon
Raspado has fruit
Raspado has blue raspberry
blue raspberry
Raspado has blueberry
Raspado has melon

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Get iced, Mexican style. This tasty watermelon and summer fruits flavored e-juice will have you dreaming of sweet Mexican shaved ice and hot summer days.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Throat Hit

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This liquid has virtually no throat hit (at least not for me). It's a slightly sweet, slightly tart watermelon flavor that tastes exactly like a watermelon jolly rancher. Overall, a very tasty flavor if you like jolly ranchers (I do). On the inhale, the most prominent flavor is the watermelon, and on the exhale I got just the slightest hint of blue raspberry. It has a very cool mouth feel and produces clouds pretty well. I can't see this being an all day vape for me, but again, I do anticipate finishing the bottle and probably ordering another.

Top negative review

Photo of Raspado by Eric
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The flavor all I got was watermelon in inhale. No flavor on exhale. The exhale was mute and sharp. The berry and blueberry was not present, just the watermelon on the inhale. It produced a good amour of vapor. But with only a one dimensional flavor profile it was not for me. The bottle was a simple design and easy to read and understand the label. Overall it's just a one dimensional profile on this e-liquid. I'll revisit it on other devices and atomizers at a later date.

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Photo of Raspado by Clint
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This one surprised. I'm not the watermelon type, but I do like sweet fruity flavors. And this is a very nice sweet and fruity flavor. Very even spread of so many different fruits. Flavor strength was slightly above average. Ideally i would've gone 3.5 stars.

Photo of Raspado by Eric
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Sweet watermelon, with candy undertones. This could be my new ADV.

Photo of Raspado by Chad
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This juce don't have much throat hit for me. over all it's a tasty flavor, and produces a pretty well cloud.

Photo of Raspado by Jeffrey
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This one surprised me, has a good watermelon/ blueberry taste it was so good i went through it to fast! i would recommend this to anyone who likes fruity juices!

Photo of Raspado by Adam
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This is one the best so far in the box although I was disappointed to find a nat in the juice. Went go put more juice after my initial taste drops and put it came. Had to take apart my tank to take it out.

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Fantastic vapor. Just an amazing juice over all taste fantastic, low throat burn. High nicotine. Just what i needed, would be honored to recieve more

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