WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Sour Power by Oneup Vapor

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Sour Power is a mind-bending blend of tangy citrus flavors and tart green apple!

About Sour Power by OneUp Vapor

OneUp Vapor is among the leading vaping brands in the market, and they’ve outdone themselves this time. Aside from the fact that the brand has been delivering premium vaping juice for quite some time now, they have created a vaping masterpiece capable of taking your taste buds to unprecedented heights.

If you want to give your buds a real treat, Sour Power by OneUp Vapor is the way to go. Enter the world of sour goodness and experience the extraordinary mix of a citrus blend of flavors and tart green apple that will refresh you and leave you begging for more.

How does Sour Power by OneUp Vapor Vape?

Sour Power brings you a heavenly combination of flavor and an enjoyable throat hit. The tangy citrus bl...end of flavors leaves a very strong impression on the user from the very first hit. It’s a high-quality vape juice, so expect thick and big clouds of vapor.

Aside from its exceptional citrusy flavor, the e-liquid comes with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, which is the biggest reason why it’s so popular with cloud chasers. Whether you prefer lemon, tart, lime, citrus, or sour, Sour Power will take you on a smooth vaping journey with each vaping session.

What Are the Most Popular Flavors of OneUp Vapor Vape Juices?

One of the most popular flavors of OneUp Vapor is sweet, mouth-watering strawberry that reminds us of those old school candies and gummies. If those ring a bell, we recommend you give Strawberry Gummy a try.

On the other hand, if you prefer something more of a dessert, Churros and Ice Cream might be more appropriate for your taste buds.

Why Do People Like OneUp Vapor E-Juices?

The answer to why so many love OneUp Vapor vape juices is quite simple – because the brand offers premium-quality e-liquids that top every other vape juice brand in the business. Just take a look at all the positive ratings as the best proof of how good their vape juices are. Check the reviews below for yourself!

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If you’re looking for the highest quality, best, and most affordable vape juices in the industry, Zamplebox should be your number one choice. They offer premium e-liquids at wholesale prices, and Sour Power is no different.

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More importantly, we always make sure we deliver something new for our loyal customers. Buy Sour Power by OneUp Vapor today and experience a mind-bending vaping sensation!

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Top positive review

Photo of Sour Power by Periklis
Periklis avatar



Sweet citrus and sour Vape. Green apple is on the weak side.

More Reviews

Riley avatar



First bottle in my box to be used all up! I absolutely loved the flavor and how smooth it was for a sour vape. Kind of hated the under top seal as for some reason the bottle never completely sealed after opening it and I ended up with a leaky bottle.

Photo of Sour Power by Christopher
Christopher avatar



Overall great juice really tart/sour lemon lime flavor most of the sour hits me on exhale while I get a lot of the fruit and citrus on inhale. It's gonna be a 4 outa 5 from me dawg.

Photo of Sour Power by Charles
Charles avatar



Tangy and sour throughout but in a good sour candy type of way. Tasted little lemon, good amount of lime and a nice sour apple flavor.

Photo of Sour Power by Kaylie
Kaylie avatar



One up never ceases to amaze me. Although the sour power is not as good as the sour belts, it still has an amazing tatse. Reminds me of a lemonade and lime mixture. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

Nick avatar



love this sour flavor it is so good i actually use it to make all my other flavors have a sour taste it is pretty awesome. so if you love grape add a little bit of this a get a sour grape flavor

Photo of Sour Power by William
William avatar



This was the first juice I tried in my new smok cloud beast. Amazing. Very lemonade kind of taste. Would definitely pick this again.