WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Strawberry Gummy by Oneup Vapor

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Strawberry Gummy Oneup Vapor

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Strawberry Gummy has candy
Strawberry Gummy has gummy
Strawberry Gummy has strawberry
Strawberry Gummy has fruit
Strawberry Gummy has sour

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Sweet Mouth Watering Strawberry Flavor Inspired By Strawberry Starburst For The Best Vaping Experience

About Strawberry Gummy By OneUp Vapor Vape Juices

OneUp Vapor is one of the top quality e-juice manufacturers known for their fantastic offer of premium e-juices. One of their most popular e-juice series is Salt Nic Series, and Strawberry Gummy is the best pick of the series. It provides an excellent mix of the rich strawberry taste and a gummy candy finish.

If you’re one of those people that prefer fruity vape juices, this one will quickly become your favorite. It offers an exceptional vaping experience and a super-rich taste you can’t find anywhere else.

How does Strawberry Gummy by One Up Vapor Vape?

Strawberry Gummy is one of the most popular flavors by OneUp Vapor because it provides a unique vaping experience. The flavor is a little sour and tart at first, followed by a rich strawberry taste mixed with your favorite gummy candy. One puff will make you feel like you’re eating candy rather than vaping.

It’s got a 30 to 70 PG to VG ratio, making it an ideal pick for cloud chasing at parties. The flavor is super-rich, and the amount of vapor it produces is also very impressive.

What Are The Most Popular Flavors of OneUp Vapor Vape Juice?

OneUp Vapor vape juices don’t need much of an introduction among passionate vapers. Most products made by this company are considered top-quality premium e-liquids, and there are dozens of unique flavors you can try.

The most popular choices are Orgasm and Sour Belts. Orgasm is OneUp Vapor’s best-selling product that provides a mix of watermelon and guava, while Sour Belts offers a classic sweet and sour green apple with a hint of strawberry in the end.

Why Do People Like Oneup Vapor Juices?

All you have to do to see that OneUp Vapor e-juices lead the industry is to visit any shop and read any product review. Most of their popular products people buy daily have the highest ratings and provide the richest flavors money can buy.

All of their products are made according to the highest industry standards, so it doesn’t matter which one you try as all of them are made with the same care. You can expect a rich taste, no throat hit, and a fantastic aftertaste as well.

Why Should You Buy Strawberry Gummy e-Juice From ZampleBox??

ZampleBox is one of the most trusted online vape shops on the internet. You can find a wide range of top quality e-liquids and a vast selection of the best vapes and accessories. Every passionate vaper can find everything they need to customize their vaping experience fully.

Not only that, but the store will also send you notifications whenever a new product becomes available, and you will often run into huge discounts up to 70%, allowing you to get some sweet deals on the best premium e-liquids on the market.

Try Strawberry Gummy by OneUp Vapor, and you’ll see why these e-juices are so popular among vapers far and wide. Have fun!

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Top positive review

Photo of Strawberry Gummy by Lauren
Lauren avatar



It’s an amazing strawberry gummy flavor... taste like a red gummy bear

Top negative review

Reanin avatar



Wow, this juice had a flavor on the exhale that made my face shrivel up. The inhale is a light, sweet strawberry, but that exhale is a strong plastic-y, rubbery taste. And it stayed in my tank for two more refills of different flavors. And it wasn't the coil, because I am still using the same coil with different flavors and no more nasty taste. Maybe I'll let this steep for a couple weeks and try again, but this made me gag.

{Used a Smok Alien 220W at 55 watts}

More Reviews

Photo of Strawberry Gummy by CJ
CJ avatar



This stuff is soooo good. My wife and I don’t often fight over a bottle but we both loved this one. Sweet strawberries, a lovely gummy note and a super smooth vape. 10/10 would buy again and would recommend to anyone that likes a sweet but not too sugary vape. I wouldn’t call it sour really, but that could be a difference in taste. Noms!

Photo of Strawberry Gummy by Jesse
Jesse avatar



Amazing flavor! Tastes just like candy! Tried it on my new mod :)

Photo of Strawberry Gummy by Bruce
Bruce avatar



Bam! Looking for a juice to add to your box?! This is it!!! It's amazing!!! Best gummy juice I have ever tried! Super smooth, excellent flavor, and bam bam CLOUDS FOR DAYS!

Photo of Strawberry Gummy by Alex
Alex avatar



this stuff is my favorite

Photo of Strawberry Gummy by Mari
Mari avatar



I am beyond in love with this juice. Not too sweet and the flavor is spot on would definitely recommend.

Photo of Strawberry Gummy by Christian
Christian avatar



Absolutely amazing flavor not to sweet not to overpowering great everyday vape juice would 110% recommend if you are looking for a strawberry gummy juice.