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Phoenix Madagascar Fire

Madagascar Fire Phoenix

2.5/5 41 Ratings

Sweet Madagascar Vanilla and Fireball

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I've tried menthol e-juice and it's definitely not for me, but this one, even though it has a similar intense throat hit, is not the same as menthol somehow, it's unique. A full on, sweet cinnamon [like Big Red gum] throat hit on the inhale, followed by a real nice, creamy custard exhale, with a mix of the two for aftertaste. The strangest vape I've ever had, but it gives me a fantastic rush on each hit. I'm in awe of this one. Madagascar Fire is a winner. A+

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Holy throat hit, inhale was a cream flavor but I instantly noticed a tingle on the toung, when it went down I tasted a strong cinnamon and a major throat hit even with a 6mg nic it was like a kick to the chest, exhale tasted like fireball whisky mixed with rumchatta. Overall good flavor but the throat hit just takes it over. My first thought with this liquid was that someone just dumped a 5th of fireball in the batch of liquid. Tasty but not for the faint of heart.