WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Americano Ciambella by POET

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Americano Ciambella POET

4.0/5 222 Ratings

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Americano Ciambella has spicy
Americano Ciambella has maple
Americano Ciambella has tobacco
Americano Ciambella has cream
Americano Ciambella has donut

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Maple bars lead you into a frisky throw down between spicy cream and a glorious warm tobacco finish. An eliquid for those of strong moral fiber and vigilant mustaches.


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Top positive review

Photo of Americano Ciambella by Taylor
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The flavors all marry together AMAXINGLY well and the tobacco is a nice subtle hit. Great for those trying to quit smoking tobacco. Very smooth. Overall, I would recommend this to a friend and purchase myself. I am using a Kangertech NEBOX at a 43W 6mG nic.

Top negative review

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Whoever decided to combine these flavors, I hate you a little bit. At first it tasted like a stack of pancakes with maple tobacco syrup on top. The description sounded gross when I just read it, but honestly, it's not as bad as I thought it would be, but I have a very good imagination. I don't like it, but it's not necessarily horribly disgusting, just insurmountably overpowering, like a juggernaut of maple syrup to your oral cavity. The maple and sweetness are FAR too strong, imparting not just a maple syrup taste, but the sense that you literally dripped maple syrup on your coils, with flakes of tobacco. After about a week of steeping, the maple syrup taste did diminish a bit, but it's still very strong. I don't know what maple bars taste like, but I can imagine them tasting like this does after a week of steeping. It is incredibly strong though. I tried 4 drops in more than 5ml of another tobacco flavor that seemed to work well with it, and the maple taste was still almost too strong. A finished juice really shouldn't work like a flavor concentrate. At first I didn't think that the flavors worked together well at all, but after a week of steeping, it is a bit better, just far too strong all around. I might try cutting a bit with plain VG to see if it's vapeable. My first impression of this was that it tastes like smoking some sort of mild cigar or cigarello while eating pancakes. I have no doubt that if I ever actually managed to vape this more than a TINY bit at a time that this would be a coil killer. FAR too much sweetness and FAR too much maple syrup. At first it literally tasted like vaping straight maple syrup with tobacco mixed in. High caution recommended.

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This juice is awesome. I really enjoyed it! Certainly a treat for the taste buds. Good vapor, a good throat hit without being too much. I enjoyed pretty much everything about it, however a few subjective cons as well. Personally, I would recommend poet to lessen the intensity of the maple flavor, since it overwhelmed the other flavors in the juice that could really make it a winner and an all day vape. If the maple wasn't so intense, it would be an all day vape for me. I think that by adding some more cream and donut flavor it would help out alot. Especially by lessening the maple and adding more creaminess, it would make the juice alot smoother and even more delicious than it already is. The tobacco flavor in this was just right, I think it would be even better with a smoother balance of the other flavors. And perhaps a little less spice, but I can't say for sure that the spiciness is what throws it off a little bit. Seems to be a mix of the maple, spice and tobacco that makes it just a bit too sweet to be an all day vape. (For me at least) So, imo, more cream and donut, take the maple back a bit and you'll have a 10 star juice. All in all though, I really enjoyed this juice. I think it is a very artistic and advanced blend of flavors, I also think that with some tweaking it could be a real trophy juice! Good stuff, great work, will definitely add this to a future box and buy some in the future! :)

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I will have to say that it's very good you can definatly taste the Maple but after that it kind of dropped off ,but stronger on exhale cream so so ..Tobaco maby thats whats throwing it off But smooth.. Running IPV5 SS Staggered Clappton ,(90 MJ 410 F.. All In all Smooth all day vape ..

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The absolute best juice I have vaped so far.... If you like sweet tobacco and mind blowing flavor you have to try this... I vaped all of it in less than a day and instantly ordered more

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Nice Taste i Think is Mapple not To Bad just one only Time

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This one is pretty good for someone making the switch from smoking. I taste a nice blend of maple and tobacco, but the throat hit is hard for me. I can't vape this at 80W, but instead between 20-40W. It's one of the better ones I got in my box though. I would consider buying it again.

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No too bad. Nice maple flavour here but not sickly. I actually quite like this mixed with others. I've had it mixed with a banana and with a pistachio, both worked nicely.