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Sweet Black Tea by POET

Sweet Black Tea POET

4.0/5 73 Ratings
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Signature black tea, with a sweet and nostalgic finish. Vape this for a sweet and solid summer treat.

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Top positive review


While a lot of people simply won't enjoy this flavor profile, if you're open to a strong tea flavor, I can think of absolutely no better liquid than Sweet Black Tea by POET. To me the liquid tasted unsweetened at the inhale, but pleasantly mellow and sweet on the exhale. Extremely distinct black tea flavor and smell.

Top negative review


I almost puked, nothing like tea

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A simple sweet black tea flavor that does not disappoint. Vaped it in a Baby Beast on Thanksgiving, and it tasted just like a glass of sweet tea on the front porch. The tea flavor was strong, but I appreciated that it didn't have any other flavors to compete with. Good cloud production and no throat hit.


This one is good. It tastes like a strong black tea with a spoon of sugar. Both on the inhale and on the exhale. Vapor production is good and throat hit is medium.


Unfortunately, I felt like I could barely taste this. The sweet tea flavor was nonexistent. I was really excited for this, as I love tea, Earl Grey, Sweet, Lady Grey, Irish Breakfast, Chai, I'm willing to try them all. I just recently started vaping, and my only complaint is the lack of good tea flavors. Maybe it's just me, since I'm still learning everything, including proper use of my box, but I'm disappointed in this one.


i feel like this tastes and inhales more like a sweet tobacco than a black tea. not a bad vape, great cloud production and pleasant flavor. just not accurate to the flavor profile at all in my opinion. might recommend to folks who prefer to vape tobacco flavors. just came back to add to this review that this flavor gets more intense as you vape. had to dump it out of my tank.