WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

NiQue's review of Too Puft 2 by Puft Eliquid

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Honestly, if you're a Chocolate Vaper [fan] this is the ONLY chocolate flavored LiQuid that I've tasted that TRULY captures all the intricate and layered notes that make up not only simple chocolate but, identifiable COCOA POWDER (which is EXTRA tricky)... If chocolate is your "go-to", this is a MUST-HAVE (and this is coming from a Baking and Patisserie student), EASILY 5-Stars!! However, in MY case, I couldn't rate it as such because Chocolate (despite being wonderful) is ENTIRELY too rich for me to Vape with regularity or any kind of consistency (without a stomachache). That says nothing about the product (which is BEYOND Lovely), I just can't Vape it more than once every so often (so I don't want chocolate to become one of my "approved" flavors for AI algorithms to add to my "list")... The only downside to this particular LiQuid is that it is so strong that it permeates the coil (no matter how many times you "clear"/"transition" it) and remains present for the next few tanks (so try to transition with complementary flavors). Very smooth (even at high wattages), minimal throat hit, with a medium/high level smoke production. All in all, if you're a certified "Chocoholic", Too-Puft 2 is a REQUISITE for any well-stocked Emergency Kit!! Richly decadent, smooth, multi-layered/faceted, and pure indulgence for a true cocoa connoisseur... A truly elegant selection (just not for me specifically)-- Puft E-LiQuid should be proud of their perfect palette(s) and skilled craftsmanship (I'm just unable to partake more than once a week-- but nonetheless delicious)!!

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