Pineapple Flury by Rebel

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Pineapple Flury Rebel

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Pineapple Flury has fruit
Pineapple Flury has pineapple
Pineapple Flury has tropical

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Photo of Pineapple Flury by Michael



Wow. Just wow.

I've had A LOT of things in my mouth. Some have tasted delightful. Some have tasted terrible. So trust me, I'm an expert, when I say there are some things that can't be adequately described by standard adjectives and superlatives alone, it's based on years of experience. This juice is one of those things.

The moment the vapor this juice produces hit my tongue I realized, this must be what the clouds in heaven would taste like. Like if you were up there, floating around, with a little halo hanging over your head and decided to dip down, stick out your tongue and give the clouds a good ol' lap with your tongue like a dog at it's water bowl, this is what that would taste like.

Now, I don't use that heaven and clouds imagery lightly. I've only had that experience once before. However, the encounter was too NSFW to share in depth here. Just believe me when I say the bar is set preeeeeetty high for me to describe something at that level again. distracted for a moment, but I'm back now.

The flavor isn't very pineapple-y, the tropical, citrusy, fruity flavor, seems to be more up front for me. But it's the light pineapple flavor that kicks the flavor off. It's not like some of those overwhelming tropical fruity drink flavors that kick you in the teeth with all of the sweet and citrus. Because of that lighter pineapple flavor it's more layered. Like a sweet tropical ogre or onion.

Side note: In my opinion more liquid makers should be aiming for layers in their flavors. It feels like most of them want to just throw a single flavor at you through the blend and as someone who smokes a lot of cigars I know it sounds weird, but you can totally layer multiple strong flavors without having them mash together into a single one.

Back onto topic. So the vapor passes my mouth and begins it's descent into my lungs. I can now look paste the amazing flavor and focus on what the vapor feels like.

It slides down past the back of my throat, it doesn't roughly push it's way back there or harshly grind against it as if it were sandpaper. It feels light and airy, but still with some density indicating my exhale will still be fairly cloudy. The temperature is cool, even though I've taken a couple of extended pulls and my mod is set to 120W and I forgot to set it to TC mode.

After keeping my mouth closed and holding this little piece of heaven in my lungs for a few moments I finally exhale slowly. The flavor isn't as bright coming back out, the roles seem to have reversed though. Tropical citrus flavor has taken a back seat to the pineapple... and I love it. Now that I can taste more of it I'm pleased that it's not all chemically like some pineapple and banana flavors seem to turn out. Though maybe that's because of the fruity citrus flavor undertone cutting through that chemical burn flavor.

The vapor is as I expected earlier. Cloudy, but not super dense, and a disappointing lack of meatballs. I don't smell any of the flavors when I try and snort the clouds in an attempt to relive they heavenly experience as they slowly dissipate. Sad.

Is this my new daily vape? No. Why? Because I enjoy this one so much I'm going to be treating it like the cigars and bourbons I stash away and only break out for special occasions.

10/10 would vape again. Just ordered a 60ml.

Disclaimer: All of this is based off of my tastes, I f-ing love pineapple, and the rig that I use. I would say YMMV but it's more like Your Mileage Will Vary. Also, I know this might read to some of you like some 13 y/o girl trying to show how random and funny she is. That's fine, I'm actually a 30 y/o guy who just writes reviews on bourbon, wine, cigars, and a large number of my other interests, using words, phrases, imagery, run on sentences, to honestly describe my experiences with them. Okay, maybe I go a touch overboard sometimes.

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Photo of Pineapple Flury by Kyle



Loved this juice. Great flavor that doesn't overwhelm. not much to say other than it sticks to what it is supposed to taste like: Pineapples and Tropical fruit.



A delightful straight up pineapple flavor. Nothing artificial here, at all. Would be happy to have this included in a future box. If you are wanting a very nice, not too sweet pineapple juice you have found a home here with Rebels Pineapple Flury! Definitely recommended.



really heavenly flavor :)



Look here. If you want straight up, no nonsense, pineapple in your face, this is it. This was my favorite from my February box. You think "what? It's just pineapple, and that's it." Only by description. I can't put into words how good this one is. I will likely buy more of this.



Awesome pineapple flavor. I like that there's no coconut or other fruit flavor in it. Just pinapple. Smooth hit good clouds.



This tastes just like a pineapple lifesaver. Pineapple on inhale and sweet candy like taste on exhale.