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Red Delight by ReUp Vapors
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Red Delight is a bright and tangy strawberry sour straw filled candy flavored e-liquid. Light and sweet all day vape!

70% VG

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Awesome Strawberry candy flavor! Reminds me of the Bazooka Sour Straws E-juice. Cheaper with the same quality! Definitely will be getting more in the future!

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This is a very good vape juice at 3mg. I keep finding myself going back to it, so it must be good! I like sweet juices and vape on a rig pig and tube mod with a Kennedy deck. I actually won a bottle in a raffle, and I am so happy I did, as I am not sure I would have tried it if I had not. It is very sweet, tastes like strawberry candy and every once in a while I taste a bit of sour. I would definitely recommend it if it sounds like something you would like as it is a very good value for a 200 ml bottle. It is a bit rough on my throat, sometimes, but I think that is because I do not usually use 70/30, I tend to like 50/50. I also found it to be super tasty to mix with a whipped cream puff flavor I have, as well as a few other flavors. In other words, it mixes well with other flavors if you like to mix things up a bit!