WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Vengeance by Revenge Vapes

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A creamy caramel ejuice with a sweet buttery taste on the inhale and a creamy caramel on the exhale, this ejuice is a great with your favorite coffee or tea.


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Samantha avatar



I'm not going to sugar coat this, (haha see what I did there? Please don't hate me, I love you all! <3 ) I love candies which is odd because I don't eat them frequently. Seeing a simple caramel juice in my box this month made me pretty damn happy.

Starting from the top on this one: There is no throat hit. It's a very smooth vape and it produces really pleasing clouds. I vaped up the room in a matter of minutes easily.

The flavor profile of this liquid is really simple. It's a caramel juice. There are no complex flavors to pick out and identify, so it's really very straightforward... and they nailed it. It's very sweet but let's be honest here, it is caramel. What would you really expect? I do get a buttery note to it and a very smooth feel from it. If I had to liken it to anything, it would be a Werther's Original hard candy. The flavor really sticks with you (I swear this pun wasn't intended!). It lingers on your lips and tongue and it's really just an amazing juice.

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Photo of Vengeance by Stephanie
Stephanie avatar



This IS my new ADV!! Instant love from the first try of the juice. Tastes just like Werther's Original candy and love the whip cream with it. I simply can't get enough of it. Revenge Vapes really knocked it out of the park with this juice. Excellent flavor and quality for sure!! Hope to see it again in my monthly box. It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to see my box filled with only this juice I love it that much LOL. Highly recommend it. Amazing juice that is good on the inhale, exhale, and just lingers in your mouth afterwards making you want more!

Maschelle avatar



Updated comment: This turned into a delicious, and rich creamy caramel and after steeping for 2 weeks. At First I was extremely frustrated with the taste of banana, and was sure that I would never be able to get the described flavor to come forward. This is worth the wait! Let it steep and you will get a rich, easy to sell blended carmel that truly is very creamy and buttery. It is now in my top 10! My setup is a Kangertech SubOhm Nano tank with 0.50 occ coils at 25W.

Matthew avatar



Taste like a Werther's Original! Super sweet desert vape. Strong buttery caramel taste. VERY SMOOTH! May not be an ADV but it is a great desert vape and would pair great with a stout beer!

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This is a fairly simple vape. It exactly how it describes itself, a smooth buttery caramel candy. My main issue with this juice is that the flavor is kind of faint. You can always taste it and it vapes fairly well, but its just not strong enough to be an exciting vape on its own. That being said, this is one of the best juices for mixing I've found. It can an awesome touch of caramel to any flavor. I would definitely buy the juice again, just for mixing with other juices. If you buy it, I highly recommend trying it with Smood Dutch Cookie

Jack avatar



Very sweet, very creamy, tastes like butterscotch candy with sticky caramel. Awesome with a cup of strong coffee.

Jadyn avatar



Absolutely loved this vape. Really sweet, which I love. It produced great clouds with a smooth throat hit. The flavor was just as described. Mine did steep for a few weeks before I vaped it.