WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Banzai by Ronin Vape

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Banzai has strawberry

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The war cry of all fruit menthol enthusiasts. On initial inhale, a mouthwatering array of fresh strawberries, peacherine and tropical undertones will conquer your taste buds, preparing them for the cool, soothing climax of menthol and mountain mint.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Thomas avatar



One of the first flavors I tried beyond pure menthol (I was a longtime Newport smoker, so I still prefer a basic menthol taste). I was blown away by this juice. Although the menthol is not very much stated, the hint of the fruit and the mint make this something you can smoke on all day long. I would recommend this even for those who don't like pure menthol, as it is more of an afterthought than a present flavor.

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Photo of Banzai by Jeffery
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Awesome peachy/strawberry combo. Earthy muddled mint kind of mojito after taste. Not really sweet, just good flavor ADV. I'm going to have to fight over this one with my Wife. Also has a nice label #theboss

Photo of Banzai by DD
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This is an extremely smooth vape,my wife,husband,and I have all very much enjoyed it. Even though my husband doesn't really vape he enjoyed the smoothness to it,as well as the flavors. You get an ever so slight hint of the menthol in at with the exhale,and the peach is the most prevalent for us. Its a wonderful inhale of it that rests on your tongue,almost like sipping on peach tea-not to strong,but not to non-existent as well. You also get that slight hint of strawberry that sneaks in with the peach,giving it a lovely berry taste. All in all the flavors mix perfectly together and its just a wonderful ejuice to sit there and use as an all day vape. The hit doesn't hurt your throat in the least,which is extremely nice as I've had others hit like a belt sander in the past from vape stores. So all in all it stays true to its flavor profile,and I beyond recommend it to others whom enjoy these type's of flavors.

Photo of Banzai by Jillybean
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Initially I did a double take on this one, it was very unusual, yet there was something that demanded to re-drip it. Sweet strawberries, mint and gently cooling on the inhale, mint, peach, berries and light menthol on the exhale. The mint really makes this an interesting stand out, it reminds me of mohitos, with that muddled mint flavor. Very nice over all. Sweet but not too sweet, menthol is present but not strong, could even be stronger and still be nice. After two days I know I could definitely vape this for a whole day, easily, I'd even feel comfortable tanking it, and it's good enough that I just might, expensive coils be damned!

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A nice mild menthol flavor on inhale and a tropical aftertaste. This is my favorite from my box this month. It's so good.

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On the inhale you definitely feel a little menthol, and some light strawberry notes, then on the exhale it hits just right with a noticeable but not overwhelming feel of menthol cooling your throat, you can definitely taste sweet strawberries and juicy peaches, i will most definitely be buying a 120ml bottle, it fits the flavor profile very well, and should even be considered by vapers who aren't very big on fruit, and fruit lovers alike, also the bottle looks very good, child safety cap, long dripper, and a very pretty label.

Zachary avatar



I saw this one and immediately added it to my next box. It was the first I tried, but I was kinda disappointed. It is still a solid flavor, but I couldn't detect any of the strawberry that the description spoke of.