WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Tsunami by Ronin Vape

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Tsunami has tropical
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Get swept away by a tidal wave of flavor! On initial inhale, the tantalizing mixture of citrus punch and Baja berries splash against your taste buds. Subtle, smooth undertones of tropical dew and blue raspberry ripples will truly leave your mouth watering for more.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Photo of Tsunami by erica
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Awesome juice. I feel like my juice curator knows me to a "T. They are very good at picking out juices based on your flavour profile. Baja blast is my favorite drink. I always have a bottle with me and this tastes identical to me. All around amazing. Lime+mtn dew=L<3ve

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This juice is far and away my current favorite. I've meddled with black honey tobacco, caramel apple pie, etc, etc, but those have all struck me as heavy, faux-sweet contrivances. I love sweet flavors in a vape, but a lot of heavier flavors come with that lip-curling recognition of artificial sweetener. I'm glad to say that I found something light, tasteful, and frankly... delicious.

If I had to describe this flavor in one word, it would be "tropical." That's probably horrifically vague, but one word is pretty insufficient to describe the flavor of this juice. There's a slight tang to it that compliments the sweetness so perfectly.

If you enjoy sweet things, but not simply the taste of sugar, then this is a great juice. The throat hit is very mild, even at high wattages and temperatures, and the flavor is just impeccable. It's hard to pin the flavor down as anything other than fruit punch. While there isn't much tang from the citrus / raspberry portion of the flavor profile, I still highly recommend this juice. The fact that this juice alone made me want to try everything Ronin produces should be indication enough that it's got some serious flavor.

Photo of Tsunami by Lucy
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Wooooowwww!! Tastes just like Baja Blast! Love this so muchhh! I didn't even expect it because it isn't in the flavor description,so it is was a pleasant surprise, however Zamplebox, once again, get your flavor profiles right, because what if someone doesn't like Baja Blast? (I know who doesn't, but still)

Photo of Tsunami by Jeremy
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One of my favorite drink based flavors from ronin and from zamplbox. Its a nice sweet flavor on both inhale and exhale. If you’ve ever had baja blast before then this the go-to flavor. To really get the flavor i would suggest having it at 3mg to really appreciate the flavor. Throat hit isn’t too harsh, if you’re not used to 6mg or higher.

Photo of Tsunami by David
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so amaze

Photo of Tsunami by Jeremiah
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This stuff is really good. I think that is one of my favorite juices right now. I am using it on my Dead Rabbit right now and i am getting very large clouds off of it. Not a ton of flavor I kind of wish there was more. It may just be my build. But the flavor that is there is really good. Like others in the comments I defiantly get a Mountain Dew Baja Blast flavor.

Photo of Tsunami by Taylor
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Tsunami by Ronin is probably the best soda vape juice I’ve had. I think it’s better than Paradox which is Pitch Black Mountain Dew. But this tastes just like Baha Blast!! The flavor profile is amazing, it is also a great all day vape. I was definitely surprised and very impressed seeing this in my Zamplebox!