Seduce Juice Myrrh

You bet the 3 kings would come bearing this ripe blueberry, sweet kiwi, and creamy coconut flavored e-liquid! With a taste so sweet, it's fit for a king.

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This juice is something I hated at first, but i grew to LOVE it over time. I've always been a Blueberry fan, and a Myrrh fan, but this juice is strange and hard to describe. If you give this a try and you like strange twists to Blueberry Cream flavors, you'll end up LOVING this juice. There was a point when i cut it down to 3mg (from my 9mg normal) just to make it last longer cause i was vaping it all day everyday for a week. To me this is a side juice for when a new juice lets me down, I grab this to get the world back in order. MYRRH is perfectly blended, to the point that you wont even recognize the individual flavors at work here!