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Oblivion by Serum

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Oblivion has fruit
Oblivion has cream
Oblivion has vanilla
Oblivion has strawberry
Oblivion has berry

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The perfect balance of Strawberries and Guava layered with Vanilla Meringue and Sweet Cream.


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Photo of Oblivion by Jay
Jay avatar



Just got through tasting my flavors from #zamplebox.. and we have found a gem of a company!!! @serumvape has absolutely knocked it out of the park!! Oblivian is an amazing blend of strawberries and guava Paired with vanilla cream.. and Sinful is a Fuji apple pie.. (which my wife has now stolen from me) her eyes grew wide on the inhale and wider still on the exhale .. and she said "that's not sinful that is Heaven!" Well I am already on a web search to order more and to try all their flavors per order of the boss! ( my wife)

Top negative review

Isaiah avatar



I have no idea how this can exist as a product, and not only that, get good reviews. I don't mean because of the taste. When I tasted it on an RDA, I thought it tasted amazing. I was debating on giving it 3 or 4 starts. It's clearly some type of creamy tropical fruit, with a meringue like flavor. The flavors of the eliquid isn't really overly clear. Without reading the description, I can't point out individual fruit flavors. Reading the description, I can can say, yes, that sharp flavor is probably guava. Are there berries? I don't know. It's like a mystery tropical creamy vape. It’s got a pretty good flavor, but I don't really know what it is. Then I got a new tank. In a tank, the flavor is more muted, but it’s pretty good. As I vaped through the tank though, I noticed it started tasting a bit burnt, and harsh on the throat, like the coil was gunked up. I had checked the coil before I put the juice in the tank, and it wasn't bad. I couldn't even make it through what I had put in the tank. I ended up opening the tank with the juice still in it. What I saw was disgusting. It looked like what you might clean out of an orc's ear, after marching into battle from Mordor. I tried wiping it off, and it surprisingly wiped off pretty easily. I got a few more vapes, but the burnt taste came back. Thankfully I hadn’t filled the tank. I managed to barely finish it, dry burned the coil, and replaced the cotton. Oddly the cotton came out in two pieces, like it was burnt in the middle, but it didn’t look burnt. It looked like I had literally cut it into two pieces, and shoved it in either side. The burnt flavor actually persisted when the coil got up to full temp, after I replaced the cotton. I ended up opening the atomizer before I finished my next tank, and replacing the whole coil. I had vaped a few flavors, so I wasn't positive it was this. Needless to say, in later days, trying it a few other times, I found out that it was definitely this. It's not just a coil gunker, it's somehow dissolves the cotton, giving you a burnt taste from the middle of the coil, where the cotton has been vaporized. I ended up playing games to try to vape through this every time I put it in my tank. I'd vape it at extremely low watts, like 20 or so, then try to take quick vapes at the beginning before the coil fully heated up, then when it started tasting burnt, I'd do a full press on the button and exhale out through the atomizer, clearing out the burnt nastiness. But if I held it too long while exhaling, it would burn, and every vape after would taste burnt, and I'd have to replace the cotton. I'd also open the tank occasionally to wipe off the coils, but I found that eventually, no matter what I did, I pretty much couldn't get through a full tank without it becoming overly harsh. Trying to actually vape through a few mils of this is a challenge and a half. My cheapness has met it's match. I am seriously considering throwing this out, because I wouldn't wish this coil gunker on anyone. If you get this, and do try it, I'd suggest vaping it on an RDA, alternating between other flavors, and wiping the gunk off after a while. Even then you'll likely have to replace the cotton pretty soon, and possibly the coil as well. I'd also suggest trying to not let your coils get up to full temp while vaping.

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Photo of Oblivion by James Bailey
James Bailey avatar

James Bailey


I haven't had anything bad from this ejuice line

Photo of Oblivion by Doug
Doug avatar



Awesomesauce! I tried the Crimson from this vendor a while back and it was one of the best flavors I have tried. This is great as well, and I didn't realize I liked guava until I tasted it in this vape. The flavor slightly comes through and adds such a great note that I couldn't stop vaping it until the bottle was gone! Gonna try more of their stuff with my sub.

Clayton  avatar



Oh. My. God. My new all day vape. I smelled this and was the third one I tried out of my box. I like to try all the flavors on my goon RDA after a fresh wick. Just wow. Literally thee best flavor so far. My favorite use to be Revenge Of The Geeks but this blows it out of the water. Seriously impressed. It's so good, one of the flavors you can actually taste rather than just kind of smell. The juice itself is thick and rich, much like the taste. I had my girlfiend try it and she instantly fell in love with it too. I already have another bottle coming for november's box. Thanks to the guys at ZampleBox for introducing me to this! Now to keep my GF from stealing the rest of my bottle!!!

Drew avatar



Great flavor overall, however, a coil killer. Super sweet and destroyed three different coils every time I put it in. Still got flavor and vapor but with an unbearable burning feeling in my throat.

anti777social avatar



I was looking forward to it above all 11 bottles in my box this month. I normally vape on a Smok Baby Beast between 40-50w, but I have to turn it down to 34 or lower so this juice doesn't lose its flavor 😕The flavor of this juice is amazing. It's very refreshing and not too sweet. I really love guava flavored juices and the fruit blend in this is just perfect. The palate of flavor is one of the best I've ever had and the aftertaste is just as yummy. The fruit blend is lovely and the cream flavor is just enough to keep the candied flavor at bay. Not too sweet because of the cream, and not so creamy that it tastes like a milkshake. This is most definitely an ADV. Cloud production is decent at 34w and the throat hit is minimal. I went as far down as 30 and still had decent flavor and cloud production. Any higher and the beautiful flavor is shot to hell by the throat hit. I'll be a repeat customer for this juice, and hey, the good news is that vaping at a lower wattage will prolong the lifespan of the bottle! It's a win-win!

Cheryl avatar



This turned in to my ADV and the bottle only lasted a day. It was so smooth and you good really taste the fruit flavors on the inhale and the cream and vanilla on the exhale. I will be ordering this flavor again and again.

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