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Lemon Lush by Simply Southern
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A four- layered lemon cake topped with Vanilla makes for the perfect southern dessert

70% VG

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Four layered lemon cake? Nah, more like lemon drop. There isn't even a pic of a cake on the box, it's a pic of a piece of pie. The juice isn't bad but it doesn't fit The flavor profile. If ur looking for a lemon cake flavor, imo, not gunna find it in this bottle. If ur looking for a lemon flavor, not too strong, not too subtle, then this juice may be right for you. The flavor seems to be best at a mid wattage range. I tried this juice with a baby beast .15 @ 52 watts and cloud beast .15 @ 125 w. The lower wattage = better flavor. Vaping at 125w kinda tasted like furniture polish smells. Cloud production is ok. Not good, not bad. Not a bad juice... I won't give this bottle away, I'll finish it, but I highly doubt I'll buy it again.