Snow Wolf ICE TEA E-Juice Flavor

A delicious sweet fruit tea, standard all day vape for any warm sunny day.

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This is a very strange E-juice. Little to no flavor but weird throat feel, definitely some menthol going on in this juice. Only plus side is it seems to cleanse the cotton of any prior flavors.

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On the inhale its minty and exhale taste like pig.

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Okay this tea took me by surprise. I love teas they are my favorite adv. This is the first tea that got my eyebrows to raise in surprise. The ice part really is ice! So thing cool chill with tea in the background. I have not picked up much in the way of fruits in this but it is a sweet tea with a icy chill too if you are into ice vapes and teas this is an interesting twist. I want to say its a sweet peach tea with chill? I will be ordering more of this because i love ice, chill, menthol and teas. I tasted this on my stumpy at 1.4 ohms with my mvp pro and nugget.


I had no idea that this had menthol in it until I read the one review (it hits me on the exhale) - pretty unique combo. I like this, but not as much as some of the other iced tea juices I have (snap liquids). I think I would have rather this juice had a more subtle mint flavor instead of the icy throat feeling of menthol. Could barely taste the fruit flavor. Interesting taste though, with a moderate vapor production.


UNVAPEABLE. Insanely crappy spitback. Tasted dry and artificial like eating flavored newspaper. Expected more from snow wolf.