WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Heliomilk by Space Jam

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Heliomilk Is a Heavenly Honey Cream Flavor That’ll Blow Your Mind

About Heliomilk Vape Juice by Space Jam

Space Jam has always been committed to providing premium e-liquids that spice up your vaping experience. Each new flavor you try is somehow always better than the last, and Heliomilk might just be the best one yet.

This top-quality e-juice boasts a creamy, milky honey flavor that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and take your vape sessions to the next level. Perfectly sweet, incredibly smooth, Heliomilk will take over your vape drawer and become your new go-to vape juice – guaranteed.

How Does Heliomilk by Space Jam Vape?

Vaping Heliomilk is almost the equivalent of taking a spoonful of honey. Every draw will fill your mouth with sweetness and creamy goodness, and you’ll be transported to another dimension.

But the rich flavor isn’t the only defining quality of Heliomilk. This popular vape juice has an incredibly smooth throat hit, making it perfect for new va...pers who want to avoid harsher e-liquids.

With its 70/30 VG/PG ratio, the top-quality Heliomilk will provide dense, thick vapor that’ll satisfy every cloud chaser and enable you to perform some of the most complicated vape tricks.

What Are the Most Popular Flavors of Space Jam Vape Juices?

Fruity and citrusy flavors like the refreshing Terrasphere or the zesty Star Hunter are some of Space Jam’s best-selling vape juices. They provide excellent performance and deliver out-of-this-world vaping experiences.

Sweeter and creamier Space Jam’s vape juices like the glazed lemon cake flavor of Sungrazer or the cinnamon coffee cake of X-Ray are also attracting vapers around the world.

Why Do People Like Space Jam E-Juices?

The main reason why vapers swear by Space Jam is that it provides the highest quality e-liquids on the market. Its natural and artificial flavors stay true to the original taste. If you buy Space Jam’s melon bubblegum flavor, it will taste like you’re chewing on actual melon bubblegum. If you buy the honey-flavored Heliomilk, it will taste like actual honey. Few other brands boast such perfect flavor profiles.

Check out the Heliomilk reviews, and see what it is that vapers enjoy about it.

Why Should You Buy Heliomilk by Space Jam E-Juice from ZampleBox?

When you buy Heliomilk by Space Jam from ZampleBox, you’re not only getting a flavorful vape juice. You’re getting a top-quality e-liquid at a wholesale price that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and your wallet.

Joining ZampleBox’s vaping membership club will open you up to new vaping experiences you would otherwise miss. You’ll get a monthly delivery of new and exciting flavors tailored to your tastes and preferences. Every box brings something different, so unpacking is always a fun experience.

Buy Heliomilk by Space Jam from ZampleBox, and have an otherworldly vaping experience!

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Top positive review

Photo of Heliomilk by TommyGrrl
TommyGrrl avatar



This honey can't be beat. Creamy honey. Ordering it again. OMG I highly recommend this if you like the taste of honey

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The Real Shawn Gottie avatar

The Real Shawn Gottie


I can't say enough about this stuff! Tastes like your taking a spoon full of honey straight out of the jar with a nice added creamy finish from inhale to exhale.

Photo of Heliomilk by Alex
Alex avatar



I’ve had mix reviews about honey based liquids but this one is just perfection

OhmMG avatar



Flavor profile is 100% accurate: this is slug-you-in-the-gut pure honey. However, for me it’s far too sweet and rich. The reason I give it 5 starts anyway? This juice is the absolute BEST mixer, ever. I have vaped dozens of juices that have decent flavor, but aren’t quite sweet enough for my taste. I found out that a dropper full of heliomilk mixed into a tank of one of these juices lacking the sweet factor really puts it over the edge. I was so excited to find that all these neglected bottles of e juice in my cabinet can now be rediscovered, and vaped! Honey as a sweetener, in foods and vape juice alike- goes with almost everything. Cereal, fruit, coffee, tea, tobacco, nuts, even ice cream and milk shakes: honey enhances them all. Can’t stress enough how fantastic a mixer this juice is. I will always make sure I have a bottle on hand from now on

Photo of Heliomilk by Richard
Richard avatar



Great tasting juice

Photo of Heliomilk by Tabitha
Tabitha avatar



I was nervous to try this juice because I've never had a juice with honey as a flavor before. Turns out this juice is amazing and sweet. Taste just like real honey and I'm impressed by this. If you are a honey lover this is a juice to try.

Photo of Heliomilk by Karen
Karen avatar



great flavor!!! Creamy milk on inhale sweet honey on exhale. You gotta try this if you like sweet creamy vape juice.