WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Faerie's review of Thermal by Space Jam

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Thermal is okay, there really isn't anything great about it but nothing really terrible either. It has a strong artificial orange and fruit punch flavor. I don't really get any hints of apple or kiwi. It's labeled on my menu as a smoothie and I wouldn't call it that either. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of fruit punch kool-aid, it's pretty artificial tasting. It's not too sweet but personally I would have liked it to be a little more sweet. Overall I would not buy this juice or want it in my box again, I don't like the artificial taste, kool-aid, orange, or fruit punch so it really isn't the juice for me. If you really enjoy fruit punch/orange flavor or kool-aid that isn't too sweet then I would recommend this to you, otherwise it's really not something I'd suggest. If I am low on juice and have nothing else this is vape-able but definitely not one I would choose to vape.

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