WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
X Ray by Space Jam

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X Ray has dessert
X Ray has coffee
X Ray has cake
X Ray has cinnamon

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Behold X-Ray vape juice: A made-fresh Cinnamon Coffee Cake E-Juice that crumbles off of your taste buds and leaving behind a hearty and wholesome aftertaste.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Top positive review

Jordan avatar



Space Jam always deliver, that’s a given. I’ve never had a juice from them that is anything but brilliant so I'm happy to have received this one in my box this month. Flavour chasers rejoice, it’s exactly what you’d expect.

The inhale is, of course, smooth and sweet. The cake is a great base and the coffee is more of a bitter sensation than a full blown spoonful of coffee grounds. In other words, don’t worry about tainting your coils, everything isn’t going to taste of coffee afterwards. The cinnamon is there throughout, I can always go for more in every juice but this is a really good blend and the exhale ramps up the flavours for a nice lingering sweetness.

Other reviews seem to be branding this one negatively but I just can’t understand why. I’m a cinnamon junkie and I’m very selective about my dessert juices, but I really like it. I’ve been having this in my Falcon King tank on an M1+ coil at about 60w and it’s doing the business. Don’t be put off by the negative reviews, if you like the profile and you’re not vaping on a cheap e-pen, you’ll like the juice. The coffee put me off requesting this initially but, like I say, it’s done really well. Granted, it’s not the best juice by Space Jam, but it’s certainly not anything less than 5 stars. Enjoy.

Top negative review

Programming Dragon avatar

Programming Dragon


Okay, what was Space Jam thinking when they developed this flavor? To me it tastes like plain old oatmeal cereal -- And I don't like oatmeal! New coils, new cotton, same crap! Once is great while I get a hint of cinnamon, but I just can't vape this any more without contemplating the will to live.

Space Jam is usually strong in flavor, this was extremely lacking any flavor... I will sometimes vape a Yogi juice (granola based flavors) but they are not predominate oatmeal taste... Interesting they don't have oatmeal or granola as a "tasted flavor" maybe because they SUCK!

God, I sure hope ZB doesn't give me another juice down this vein... There went $4 down the tubes...

More Reviews

Jared avatar



This flavor is delicious! Tastes sweet and warm with a hint of cinnamon. Does have a definite oatmeal flavor. Love it

Tammy avatar



We just got this in our box today and my husband says it is his new favorite juice. And that is saying alot because he has tried ALOT of juice over the last few years.

Steve avatar



Tastes like a generic cinnamon juice. I'd expect more nuance from a coffee cake, and this does not do it.


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