Stellar Zenith Cookie

You've found it, the zenith of sugar cookie vapes, the highest point possible. If you're a lover of dessert type e-juice flavors, this one won't disappoint!

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It was accurate to it's flavor profile with one exception, barely tasted the cinnamon. I am having trouble with tasting flavors using a tank setup. I recently got my first sub ohm tank, (KangerTech SubOhm Mini using 0.5 OCC coils at 15-25 watts, 3.06 volts - 3.9 volts) in order to be able to use the higher VG they seem to be what local vendors are carrying now. Then I found out that I couldn't taste the flavors as well on a sub ohm tank as I was on a lower voltage tank. I switched to the KangerTech SubOhm based on reviews regarding the taste quality as being quite good, and it is much better! I'm not a person that likes a lung hit. I prefer some resistance and am a mouth to lung Vaper. I love cinnamon and still haven't found an that gives me a strong enough cinnamon flavor...and I vape cinnamon in everything as an add on. If it's not part of the flavor. This juice was very close to perfect for me. I'd vape it all day if I had it based on it's excellent cookie flavor!

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